Anglade commemorates the next eight years

Anglade commemorates the ‘next eight years’

Dominique Anglade has been neutral in her voting intentions since the beginning of the campaign, inviting the undecided to rally behind her and saying she is ready to remain in office regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s elections.

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The Liberal leader was asked about the latest Léger-Le Journal poll on Sunday, which gave her political party 17% of voting intentions. This is the same result as on August 27, the day before the election was called.

Twenty-four hours after the polls open, Mrs Anglade is therefore calling on those who are undecided to vote in order to achieve a better result at the ballot box.

“I think the actual poll will be on October 3rd and I appeal to anyone who would like to see a different leadership style. I appeal to all who see that what is happening does not reflect them. It doesn’t reflect what they want, what they want to see in Quebec. They’re the ones we still have to convince by Monday,” she commented from the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, just before flying to North-du-Québec.

Without conceding victory to her CAQ opponent, Dominique Anglade assured that she would form a constructive opposition.

“You’ve seen me throughout the campaign, it’s going to be what I want to do for the next four years, for the next eight years in politics. It’s about putting that energy to work for Quebecers,” she assures.

“I am able to work with all political formations, with all groups, all the time. It’s my way of exercising my leadership,” the Liberal leader said.

Ms Anglade also says she would have liked to continue campaigning. “I see there are some who count sleep. Honestly, it would have taken me five more weeks,” she said, citing a piece by La Presse that “Legault is counting bedtime” until the end of the campaign.

The Liberal leader has warned that a new mandate under François Legault will be similar to the final weeks of the election campaign.

“The last few weeks you’ve seen is like the CAQ government,” she said. They have the impression that it no longer tempts him, François Legault, to fight for all Quebecers. We want to fight for all Quebecers.