A kindergarten teacher recognizes the rewards of 10 years of

A kindergarten teacher recognizes the rewards of 10 years of work with a video on TikTok: the teaching method ch

Teacher of kindergarten leave thanks for the lessons tick tock. The woman became famous thanks to videos posted on the Chinese social platform showing her teaching her little students nursery rhymes and poetry. Let’s find out what happened.

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The teaching method that influences the web

GUA_HUA is the account name of the preschool teacher Chinese from Hubei province who has signed a contract with an agency that takes care of interests influencers. The teacher with only one Video At tick tock he earned what he would have earned in 10 years of work.

Be teaching methods have an impact on the users of the social networks This gives her the opportunity to earn such substantial amounts.

SongsNursery rhymes and old poems: The Chinese teacher is a prime example of a trend that is increasingly leading underpaid workers to quit their jobs and devote themselves full-time to production and creation content for the web.

The support of the students

Cases of this kind are also successful on the part of the law firm small students who, increasingly technological, involve and encourage their teachers to use these social tools to become protagonists.

Specifically the Chinese kindergarten teacherIn fact, it involved getting carried away in a live stream where he sang nursery rhymes with his students and shared them with the others 4 million users Link to your profile.

After what was learned from it TheDailyStarthe teacher earned approx 3,000 yuan and today, with 3 live streams, it has reached the number 2 million yuanwhich corresponds to about 270,000 euros.

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