Homeless man strangled in New York Soldier faces manslaughter charges

Homeless man strangled in New York: Soldier faces manslaughter charges

The American judiciary will this Friday indict Daniel Penny, an American soldier who strangled homeless Jordan Neely on the New York subway on May 1st. His case caused a stir and the scene was widely shared on social media.

A U.S. Marine Corps soldier was arrested by New York authorities on Friday and charged with manslaughter, Manhattan prosecutors said Thursday. The death of a well-known homeless man was caught on video on May 1 on the subway, which shocked people.

“We can confirm that Daniel Penny is being arrested and charged with manslaughter,” a spokesman for the Manhattan Attorney’s Office said in an email, adding that the 24-year-old Soldier “is due to appear in the Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday for arraignment.” should”. .

Daniel Penny is suspected of causing the May 1 death from “compression” on the neck of 30-year-old Jordan Neely, according to the New York Medical Examiner.

Jordan Neely, a young African American living on the streets of Manhattan, was known for a decade for his likeness and performances that emulated those of music and dance legend Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

It is a video of the drama, broadcast by all the press, that caused strong emotions in New York.

It shows the victim on the ground in a New York City subway car for five minutes, with Daniel Penny lying behind to tie him up and crush his torso.

Passengers standing over the two men appear unnerved, others vaguely try to block the arms of Jordan Neely, who tries to fight back.

A witness told AFP that Jordan Neely stormed into the car, yelled at the passengers and asked for something to eat or drink.

The New York left goes to the front

Police dispatched to the subway briefly questioned the stranglehold suspect, and Manhattan DAs finally gave 10 days to prosecute him.

Jordan Neely, whose family and loved ones have spoken in the press, is a well-known homeless man in New York who has been arrested dozens of times, specifically for making noise on public streets. He suffered, like many homeless people, from psychiatric disorders in a big city of 8.5 million and catastrophic socioeconomic inequalities.

The New York left had spoken out on the matter, and New York House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had denounced “murder.”

Several rallies took place late last week, including a more violent one on Friday that led to a dozen arrests on the subway.