A loaded gun in a 5 year olds pocket

A loaded gun in a 5 year old’s pocket

A teacher made a surprising discovery while helping a student.

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A loaded gun was accidentally found in the backpack of a 5-year-old at Principia Lower School in Town & Country, Missouri. The police launched an investigation.

It appears a teacher was helping the young student in an empty classroom around 8:45 a.m. on Friday when he found the gun. The staff quickly took his bag and handed it over to the police. Nobody was hurt.

“We wanted our parents to know that there was never any threat or risk to any of our students or members of the community,” said Principal Merry Sorrells. She assures that everyone at the school has been informed of the incident.

It appears that the child’s parents have been cooperative with the school administration throughout the day.

Town & Country Police Chief James Cavins said the Family Services Division was involved in the investigation. Investigators believe the 5-year-old who took the gun to school had no “intention” it was “accidental”.

Chief Cavins said there would be no negligence on the part of the student’s parents at this stage of the investigation. He encourages all parents to ensure firearms are safe in their homes.