1676903158 Arrested a fugitive trying to evict two agents in Las

Arrested a fugitive trying to evict two agents in Las Palmas and now he was tending horses in France

Arrested a fugitive trying to evict two agents in Las

In the French city of Gouvieux (approx. 10,000 inhabitants), the national police arrested a fugitive who tried to kill two agents in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias in 2017. Eduardo SG, whom investigators described as “very dangerous”, fled through Spain to Morocco and settled in northern France, where he groomed and rode racehorses. On February 6, a Las Palmas de Gran Canarias court issued an arrest warrant as the fugitive was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for one felony of assaulting law enforcement officers and two assaults. He was arrested on February 9 thanks to a collaboration between the Spanish and French police authorities within the framework of the ENFAST network (European Network of Active Refugee Tracing Teams).

The events for which he was wanted happened in 2017. Eduardo SG was spotted by two National Police officers driving out of the home of his ex-partner, against whom he had a restraining order. This set off a chase in which Eduardo SG performed various maneuvers with his vehicle in order to ram the police car pursuing him. At one point during the chase, he suddenly stopped and backed up, managing to hit the police vehicle multiple times and dragging it into a ravine with a 200-foot fall while simultaneously threatening to kill the officers. Eventually he managed to get the car to the edge of the road’s incline, but one of the officers was able to apply the handbrake to prevent the vehicle from rolling down the hill. Despite this, the police officers were injured with injuries that have left consequences, and the car was destroyed.

Based on both his maneuver and his background, the man was classified by investigators as “highly dangerous” because he could also pose a major risk to the physical integrity of his ex-partner, who has not stopped, according to threats to the state police. Therefore, his whereabouts and subsequent arrest was a “priority” for agents on the case.

According to the arrest warrant issued by a court in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on February 6 – six years after the events – investigators confirmed that Eduardo SG had left the Canary Islands and settled in France via Morocco. In this country, the agents confirmed that he has devoted himself to caring for and riding racehorses in several French cities and has had his last address in a city in the French region of Gouvieux since 2020.

The Spanish agents transmitted all the information gathered to the French authorities, while coordinating with the Sirene Spain office – the office responsible for managing information on European refugees – to issue the relevant European Arrest and Surrender Warrant. Finally, on February 9, the fugitive was located and arrested in the French city of Gouvieux.

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