According to science the most handsome man in the world

According to science, the most handsome man in the world is on Netflix

According to a recent scientific study, the most handsome man in the world is no longer Robert Pattinson, but Regé-Jean Page, star of the series The Bridgerton Chronicle and the film The Gray Man available on Netflix.

Last June he named Robert Pattinson the most beautiful man in the world. Today says Dr. Julian de Silva, who runs the London-based Center for Advanced Facial Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, says the Batman star has been dethroned. Who now bears this honorary title?

According to Julian de Silva, the most handsome man alive today is British actor Regé-Jean Page, known for his roles in the series The Chronicle of the Bridgertons and the film The Gray Man, available on Netflix.

To arrive at this conclusion, the doctor once again relied on the formula of the golden section. The latter, measuring physical perfection, dates back to ancient times and was used by artists and architects to create their works.

From the hairline to the point between the eyes, from that point between the eyes to the bridge of the nose, then from the bridge of the nose to the bridge of the chin, multiple measurements of Regé-Jean Page, 34,’s face were concluded that he was the most beautiful of everyone was. So, according to the applied formula, the actor is 93.65% perfect.

“Regé won thanks to the classic beauty of his face and his gorgeous brown eyes,” notes Julian de Silva. “He easily got the best mark for eye relief. The positioning of his eyes also scored points, as did his perfectly formed lips.”

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Would Regé-Jean Page be free of any defects? Still not, the doctor said that “the only slightly lower grade was for the width and length of his nose.”

Behind Regé-Jean Page, we find Chris Hemsworth, the Marvel Studios Thor, 93.5% perfect. Michael B. Jordan, hero of the Black Panther films (93.46), and Harry Styles (92.30), last seen in the credits of Don’t Worry Darling, follow.

And Robert Pattinson in all this? The actor dropped to sixth place with a perfection score of “only” 92.15%.

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