Alouettes The commissioner tested the water

Eugene Lewis: Danny Maciocia remains positive

With less than three weeks to go before the Canadian Football League (CFL) free agent market opens, receiver Eugene Lewis’ future with the Montreal Alouettes remains unclear.

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At the players’ final report in November, “Geno” said he was looking for an agreement that would secure his financial future and that of his family.

Lewis has since apparently hinted that the ‘Als’ didn’t make him an offer that lives up to his expectations. On a few occasions, he made relevant posts on his Twitter account.

“One thing about me: begging is not part of my upbringing. My performance on video and my stats speak for themselves,” he said last week.

“Let me paint the picture for you: I’ve played with 22 quarterbacks. Here are my stats, not including the playoffs: 4,230 yards, 28 touchdowns, 270 catches and an average of 15.8 yards per catch,” the 29-year-old wrote, adding the individual credits he’s earned.

When asked about the negotiations with his star player, general manager Danny Maciocia explained that the process is taking its course.

“It’s going well and we keep talking. In my case, there’s no panic because if you can communicate with a player, that’s always good news,” he said during a phone interview conducted between two US recruitment sessions.

Will it test the market?

The most ardent Alouettes fans may experience moments of agony beginning February 14th, the opening date of the CFL’s Free Agents Market.

On Wednesday, Lewis posted a video to his Instagram account and captioned it, “See you all when the free agent market opens.”

This could be a self-promoting negotiation tactic. However, according to Maciocia, it’s to be expected that Lewis will be tempted to test his worth with the other teams at the track.

“‘Geno’ has never been a free agent and there’s a good chance he’d like to experience that at least once in his career. Maybe we’ll see it with him soon,” said the DG.

Maciocia then wanted to be a little more reassuring.

“But I think he has the will to get along with us and be back in Montreal. On our side, we want him back. Now it’s a matter of agreeing on the terms.

Also asked about quarterback Trevor Harris, who could also become a free agent, Maciocia said the situation was similar to Lewis’s. The chief said he spoke to him on Tuesday and the communication channels are excellent.