Acer is finally entering the component area with an Intel

Acer is finally entering the component area with an Intel Arc A770 graphics card

Acer, known for its portable PCs, unveiled a photo of an amazing graphics card in their colors on Twitter. This seems to confirm the arrival of the Taiwanese manufacturer on the component market after a tentative entry in March 2021 with its FrostBlade fans. Intel seems to have found arguments with its lifelong partner to offer a customized version of the Arc A770 graphics card, while the short-term future in this market looks complicated, underscoring EVGA’s withdrawal in particular.

Acer has been particularly skimpy on details since this teaser comes in the form of a simple photo. However, two things are interesting. First of all the cooling system, since it consists of an axial fan (the one on the right) that blows towards the printed circuit of the graphics card and a “blower” fan or turbine that blows the air from the outside to the graphics card and therefore out of the Housing in which the card is installed. As for the axial fan, it’s possible that Acer has adopted the design of the FrostBlade fans that appeared a little over a year ago and are currently commercially available. Dubbed the AeroBlade 3D Fan, the blower fan looks like it’s straight from gaming laptops, with a blade design that helps reduce noise while increasing airflow.

Another curiosity of the card presented by Acer: the two eight-pin power connectors. In the Intel reference model, the graphics card has an eight-pin connector and a six-pin connector. So we can assume that Acer is providing a surplus of performance for potential overclocking capabilities. One unknown remains: the amount of onboard RAM, as two Arc A770 models will be sold, one with 8GB of video memory, the other with 16GB. Given the Predator configurations offered by Acer, we have quite a doubt about using a 16 GB model.

After contacting Acer to find out a little more, the manufacturer confirmed us the retail sale of this model and the desire to offer it on the French market, without this having fully happened yet.

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