1706552200 Actor Alain Delon placed under judicial protection

Actor Alain Delon, placed under judicial protection

French actor Alain Delon, who is suffering from serious health problems at the age of 88, has been placed under court protection as his three children fight over how best to protect their interests. A judge in charge of protecting people made the decision and appointed a protector of the legendary interpreter's interests, as reported by the broadcaster BFM on Monday, January 29, which stated that the court decision was communicated to the Delon family this morning. It was the French prosecutor's office that ordered a medical examination of the actor's health on January 11 to determine whether he should be placed under judicial protection, as his eldest son, 59-year-old Anthony Delon, had requested.

The mission of the guardian, whose identity has not been revealed for now, will focus on the medical monitoring of Delon and the selection of specialists to care for him. As a rule, persons placed under this protection can legally carry out numerous actions independently, but not those of particular importance, such as: B. the sale of real estate that is monitored by the guardian.

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The court decision came after several weeks of disputes between the actor's three children, Anthony, Anouchka (33 years old) and Alain Fabien, who even exchanged complaints between them. The two sons accuse Anouchka of wanting to take their father from the Douchy residence (south of Paris) to take him to Switzerland. Alain Fabien, 29, said on television that his sister used “crooked mafia methods” against her father. With these lawsuits filed between them and a series of allegations spread in the media, the actor's heirs exposed the family's internal disputes. The eldest of them, Anthony, was the first to open fire when he accused his stepsister of withholding information about their father's true health, an argument also echoed by the youngest, Alain Fabien, the sister's father and mother. was supported. medium, Anouchka.

The young woman, who according to the will will receive half of the inheritance while her brothers share the rest (25% each), has always been her father's favorite, as he himself revealed throughout his life. This complicity led to the actress also presenting her father with the Palme d'Or honor at the Cannes Festival in 2019; She was the only one of all the children her father invited to the ceremony before he was named executor of his will. He is based in Switzerland and intends to take the actor there so that after his death he will not be declared a tax resident in France, which would increase the bill for receiving his part of the inheritance, according to Anthony, who, along with Alain Fabien works ensures that the actor's will is to die in the residence he had built in Douchy, near the Loire. The actor has his administrative headquarters and has had Swiss citizenship since 1999.

Alain Delon and his daughter Anouchka Delon at the screening of the film “Hidden Life” at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019.Alain Delon and his daughter Anouchka Delon at the screening of the film “Hidden Life” at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019. Anadolu Agency (Getty Images)

Beyond the grievances between brothers, Delon's three children agreed last year in a lawsuit against Hiromi Rollin, a woman who initially worked as the actor's assistant on filming and later took on more responsibility. The actor's three heirs feared that Rollin, who spent most of his time with him, wanted to take over his will and thus take something from his inheritance, so they filed a lawsuit, which was dismissed a few weeks ago by French Justice.

As part of the investigation into this complaint of abuse of weakness, Delon underwent an examination last July by a doctor to whom he confessed: “I want to die, life is over,” as revealed last week by the newspaper Le Parisien. . The doctor noted in his report that the actor had “very weak morale” and that he was “in a state of physical and mental exhaustion with a significant risk of suicide.” The investigation, which included interviewing other people and analyzing the actor's and Rollins' phones, revealed that there was no evidence to support the allegations made by the heirs against the woman. Delon, actor of films such as “The Leopard”, “Pleine Soleil” (In Full Sun), “Le Samouraï” (The Secret of a Man), “Borsalino”, “The Pool” and “The Sicilian Clan”, suffered one in 2019 Cerebral vascular accident from which he did not fully recover.