Housing crisis Jagmeet Singh calls for an urgent debate –

Housing crisis: Jagmeet Singh calls for an urgent debate –

The NDP begins the winter session of Parliament calling for an emergency debate on the housing crisis and homelessness after the city of Edmonton declared a state of emergency last week due to increasing problems.

“Unfortunately, Edmonton’s emergency declaration is a poignant symbol of a broader housing crisis in many communities and the Liberal government’s failure to address this growing problem,” Leader Jagmeet Singh said in a letter to House Speaker Greg Fergus.

In Edmonton, NDP elected officials also met with their caucus last week to prepare for a return to work.

The populous Alberta city is one of the umpteenth municipalities in the country to adopt emergency measures or some form of emergency declaration related to housing or homelessness in recent years.

For example, last summer the City of Toronto declared a state of emergency over an out-of-control homeless problem.

“If we don't take this situation seriously, if we don't treat it as a long-term emergency, more and more Edmontonians will fall through the cracks and become homeless,” he said. Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi said before the heated debate vote on the emergency declaration.

Mr. Sohi, a progressive mayor, said he was open to exploring the possibility of introducing a rent control system, among other things.

Jagmeet Singh explains in his letter that “across Canada, many families are struggling to meet their basic needs, including monthly rent and mortgage payments and, in far too many cases, the inability to keep a roof over their heads during the coldest months.” our country.

“In a country as rich as ours, this situation is unacceptable.”

The NDP leader's departure ensures that the housing issue remains a focus as the parliamentary session begins. However, holding an emergency debate is at the discretion of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Justin Trudeau's Liberals are under attack from both the left and the right and are under pressure to find bold solutions to this crisis that won't end soon.

The NDP is proposing that the government find ways to fund large-scale social housing and housing cooperative projects across the country.