1706552439 Window of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris

Window of the “Mona Lisa” in the Louvre in Paris sprayed: The two ecologists have to pay a contribution – Le Journal de Montréal

The two environmental activists who sprinkled soup on the bulletproof glass protecting the painting “The Mona Lisa” at the Loure Museum in Paris on Sunday morning will be brought before a judge who will suggest that they pay a citizen's contribution to an aid association for the victims, the victims said Paris public prosecutor's office on Monday.

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These two women said they stood up for “the right to healthy and sustainable food” and denounced a “sick agricultural system.”

The action was then claimed by a collective called “Food Riposte”, which states in a press release sent to AFP that it is “leading a French civil resistance campaign aimed at bringing about a radical change in society at a climatic and social level”.

The two activists were arrested and taken into police custody for damaging classified or registered property.

Window of the “Mona Lisa” in the Louvre in Paris sprayed: The two ecologists have to pay a contribution


At the end of their police custody, “the two people were fined for entering or remaining in a museum in France belonging to a public person or belonging to a private person carrying out a task of general interest, including the ban on entry.” or was regulated in an obvious way because he crossed the safe space demarcated in front of the board,” explained the indictment requested by AFP.

This violation is punished with a fine of 1,500 euros.

The two activists were “presented today to a representative of the public prosecutor’s office with a view to citizen participation,” which represents an alternative to criminal prosecution, it said.

“The work suffered no damage,” the Louvre Museum assured the AFP news agency on Sunday.

According to the museum, the two women hid the pumpkin soup in a coffee thermos.

The famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, which has been presented behind armored protective glass since 2005, has been the victim of vandalism several times. In May 2022, for example, he became the target of a cream cake.