Actor reveals bite in spicy scene in Pantanal You cant

Actor reveals bite in spicy scene in Pantanal: ‘You can’t pretend’

Leandro Lima draws sighs from the audience by playing the farmer Levi from “Pantanal”. While his hottest scenes alongside Bella Campos (Muda) and Isabel Teixeira (Maria Bruaca) aren’t enough, the actor gave more details on how those moments are recorded.

in chat with syringesLeandro talks about the public harassment since the soap opera started, waiting for the second child to arrive and also a curiosity about an intense moment he experienced during the recording.


Everything is fiction. Even the most dynamic and hottest sex and kissing scenes are carefully calculated so that no actor feels uncomfortable and the result is as natural as possible for the audience.

“IT IS very technical. A reduced team on the set. It’s not just about telling two actors to make out. There is a choreography: where to pick up, where to turn. I liken it to an action scene,” Leandro emphasizes. But even with such care, there are things that cannot be invented.

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Leandro Lima, Bella Campos and Alanis Guillen backstage at The Pantanal

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Leandro recalls a scene with Bella Campos where he got a real bite from the actress to bring more truth to the moment. “She’s not ashamed and neither am I. It’s a great partnership. The director asked if she could bite me and I let her.

I’m afraid of hurting the actresses right away because Levi’s grip is strong, like a pawn. Can’t fake

Levi’s more aggressive nature and all the beauty of Leandro, also an international model, melted the audience. “Harassment has already skyrocketed, and the strongest scenes have yet to surface. I get sung a lot more by men. They are more Assanhadas,” he jokes.

toxic masculinity

Despite all of Levi’s achievements, Leandro understands that the character represents a type of person that no longer makes sense: crude, violent, and sexist.

“Levi is far from who I am today, but I also had this sexist upbringing. It’s important to underscore this discussion of toxic masculinity to understand that it’s not cool. It might even make you horny, but it’s not cool,” he affirms.

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Leandro Lima and Flavia Lucini are awaiting the birth of their first child, Toni

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The actor, father of 21yearold Giulia, is awaiting the arrival of Toni, his first child with model Flavia Lucini, and hopes to instill new values ​​in the boy’s upbringing.

“I want to convey an education that is independent of any sexual orientation. May he respect all people and their freedom. I’m better prepared today. Before that I had a baby in my arms and I didn’t know what to do.” . Nice that it worked!” , celebrate.

tragic ending

If the Pantanal remake follows in the footsteps of the original, Levi is not entitled to a happy ending to the story. In the 1990 soap opera, the character in Rio is devoured by piranhas. Can we wait for the scene to replay?

“I heard they will record two versions. The ending has to be tragic anyway, it has to fulfill that role. But I really hope he’s with me for the piranhas!” he admits.