actress came out as a lesbian former JN host complained

actress came out as a lesbian former JN host complained

Fafy Siqueira came out as a lesbian, Celso Freitas denounced Globo and Neymar’s new novel

To keep everyone in the loop, TV Foco has the most read articles from last Sunday, o2, with names like Fafy Siqueira, which was successful at Globo, Celsus Freitas and neymar.


During an appearance in Globo’s Caldeirão do Mion, Fafy Siqueira surprised Brazil by showing his wife Fernando Lorenzoni.

On this occasion, the Globo artist took part in the painting “Tem ou Não Tem” together with her lover and spoke openly about their marriage.

“Fernanda has been my wife for six years. It’s cool because I never got out of the closet. I used to go in the closet like hell. Two years ago I was asked if I fell, injured myself and who was with me,” Fafy Siqueira began and continued:

“I came into the room and said, ‘I’m sick of lying and I told the truth: ‘With my wife,'” said the Globo artist.

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Then Fafy Siqueira confessed that he met his wife while recording a project by Fernanda Young.

globe artistFernanda Lorenzoni and Fafy Siqueira have been together for six years (Photo: reproduction)


Celso Freitas became one of the biggest moderators of Globo’s “Jornal Nacional”. But during the news’ 50th anniversary, he was forgotten.

The party took place in 2019. So the artist denounced that the station wanted to hide his story made on the station.

“I wasn’t invited. I think I’m considered persona non grata,” the former Globo host told TV Fama.

In addition, the artist regretted that his name was not even mentioned as one of the moderators who passed on JN.


Neymar would be in a relationship with Brenda Pavanelli, 26 years old. The young woman even watched one of the star’s games directly from the football stadium.

Also, fans wasted no time comparing the artist to Bruna Marquezine, one of Neymar’s exgirlfriends.

That’s because many have pointed out the similarities between the influencer and the actress. “Neymar should invest all his money in a scientific research center that specializes in creating doubles of Bruna Marquezine,” said one. “Overcome,” said another.

Public pointed out similarities between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine's new affair (Photo: Reproduction)Public pointed out similarities between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine’s new affair (Photo: Reproduction)

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