Gf vip 7 Elenoire Ferruzzi intends to cancel the reality

Gf vip 7, Elenoire Ferruzzi intends to cancel the reality show: “Enough!”

Elenoire Ferruzzi decided to leave the house of gf vip?

After giving up Marco Bellaviain the Casa del Gf Vip 7 the climate is not the best: the competitors have actually heard about it in the last few hours Screams come from outside the housein which they were accused of bullying the former competitor, who actually left the game precisely because of the isolation and constant attacks from his teammates over the past few weeks.

So the Vipponi understood that the audience had no intention of supporting them and that the spectators immediately sided with the conductor. All of this has helped to create a climate of tension in the house that will only increase in the coming hours, especially in view of the new episode that will be broadcast tonight in which we will talk about the task Marco and many expect disciplinary action against competitors.

One in particular seems to suffer from this climate Elenoire Ferruzziwho has threatened to leave the house in the last few hours:

I can’t wash like that anymore, go to the loo like that and the microphone and stuff like that… that’s enough! No, no, but I don’t care. I do not have to! Who makes me stay here for myself? I can’t feel bad, I’ve been too bad in my life, that’s enough. I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a shit

Vippona then made it clear that she could leave the house due to the difficulties of living together, but the timing with which she expressed this impatience led many to believe so Elenoire considers leaving home before receiving disciplinary action from Big Brother.

Elenoire Will he really leave the house or retrace his steps? To find out, we just have to wait and see further developments.