AEW Worlds End 2023 Results – Catch Newz

AEW Worlds End 2023 Results – Catch-Newz

AEW presented its first PPV titled “Worlds End” from Long Island to New York on December 30, 2023, live from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The show aired on TrillerTV (formerly FiteTV) at this link.

Renee Paquette and RJ City host the pre-show and present the games.

Single game

Kris Statlander vs. Willow Nightingale

At the end of the fight, Nightingale goes for her finisher but loses her footing and stumbles. Nightingale continues her powerbomb and counts to three on Statlander.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

– We present a video about Serena Deeb announcing her return. Deeb explains that she was locked in a dojo the whole time. She is now released and ready.

Up and coming TNT title – Battle Royal

Among them: Evil Uno, John Silver, Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, Danhausen, Darius Martin, Action Andretti, Trent Baretta, Rocky Romero, Lee Johnson, Butcher, Blade, Christopher Daniels, Lance Archer, Killswitch, Dalton Castle, Johnny TV and others

At the end of the fight, Danhausen, Trent and Killswitch are left in the ring. Trent and Danhausen decide to hug to get closer, but Trent turns around and throws him out of the ring! Trent does running knees on Killswitch. Killswitch finally knocks him back with a ChokeSlam and goes to throw him out of the ring, but Trent knocks him back onto the apron. Killswitch takes him to the apron and the two trade blows. Killswitch throws him out of the ring with a shoulder slam.

Winner: Killswitch

-Wheeler Yuta comes to the ring and takes the microphone to throw some insults at Long Island, saying that they have the worst team in New York and that they are the most hated island in New York. Yuta is interrupted by HOOK's entrance.

FTW Championship – FTW Rules Game

Hook (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta

At the end of the fight, Yuta brings a wooden plank and HOOK brings a hockey stick. HOOK hits him first with the hockey stick. HOOK continues with a RedRum using the stick to make him tap.

Winner: HOOK by submission

The pre-show ends with a presentation of the menu.

AEW Worlds End Long Island, New York

The commentators are Taz, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

– Tonight is AEW Worlds End, the PPV begins with a presentation video. The commentators greet us, then the wrestlers arrive for the first fight of the evening.

All-Star 8-Man Tag Team Match

Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Mark Briscoe and Daniel Garcia against Brody King, Jay White, Jay Lethal and Rush

At the end of the fight, the wrestlers perform holds and punches on each other one after the other. Garcia hits a Saito suplex on King like he did in the tournament. Lethal tries to surprise him with a Lethal Injection, but Garcia takes him down with a quick three count.

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Mark Briscoe and Daniel Garcia

– We present the promo video for Miro vs Andrade.

Single game

Andrade El Idolo accompanied by CJ Perry against Miro

At the end of the fight, Andrade uses his eight on Miro. Miro may be close to tapping, but CJ Perry drops Andrade to stop the submission! Andrade doesn't understand what's happening. Miro takes the opportunity to superkick Andrade and cover him, but he fights back for two. Miro continues his game over to get him to tap.

Winner: Miro via submission

-After the fight, CJ kisses Miro and they leave together.

– We see a video of Storm vs Riho.

– Tony Schiavone replaces McGuinness on commentary.

AEW Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Toni Storm (c) against Riho

At the end of the match, Riho goes to the corner but Storm takes her down. Storm follows with a DDT for a three count.

Winner: Toni Storm

– After the match, Mariah May comes to throw rose petals into the ring.

– Behind the scenes, Lexy asks Dante for news. Dante Martin says he's doing well, but he needs to get better. He spent a lot of time on the sidelines. Yesterday at Rampage he had three chances at a champion. Orange Cassidy comes and says he understands. Dante can try to take the title from him this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Single game

Swerve Strickland accompanied by Prince Nana against Dustin Rhodes

At the end of the fight, Dustin stands up, gives Strickland a double middle finger and spits in his face. Strickland is angry and makes his house call. Strickland follows up with a second house call and the crowd demands more. Strickland jumps on Dustin's arm and follows up with his double stomp from the corner for a three count.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

– We present a rivalry video for the next game.

8-Man Tag Team Match

Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Sting and Darby Allin against Ricky Starks, Big Bill, Kyle Fletcher and Powerhouse Hobbs

At the end of the fight, Starks goes for his finisher, but Guevara pushes him away and superkicks him. Guevara follows with a GTH on Starks and goes to the corner for his Shooting Star Press for a three count.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Sting and Darby Allin

– After the fight, the winners celebrate the victory and Sting takes the opportunity to welcome the fans to his last career fight in New York.

– We present a rivalry video for the next game.

TBS Championship – Single Match

House Rules: Biting is acceptable.

Julia Hart (c) against Abadon

At the end of the fight, the two wrestlers face each other at ringside. Skye Blue comes to help her friend, but Abadon pushes her away. She pushes her back hard against the steel step and brings Abadon back into the ring. Hart goes to the corner and hits a moonsault on Abadon for a three count.

Winner: Julia Hart

– We present a rivalry video for the next game.

– The wrestlers arrive in the ring and Copeland will attack Christian directly as he enters!

TNT Championship – No Disqualification Match

Christian Cage (c) vs Adam Copeland

At the end of the fight, Christian sets up a table at the bottom of the ring to pour gasoline on it. Nick Wayne lights the table on fire, Christian goes to throw it, but Copeland blocks Christian and hits him! Copeland hits Nick Wayne and pours gasoline on the table to set it on fire. Copeland powerbombs Wayne through the burning table! Copeland returns to the ring, Christian tries to surprise him with the TNT Title, but Copeland stops him with a low blow. Copeland kills Christian to three!

Winner: Adam Copeland – New Champion

– After the match, Copeland celebrates his victory with the TNT Title, but Killswitch comes from the other side and hits Copeland in the back! Killswitch ChokeSlams him. Killswitch puts a chair in the ring and Chokeslam puts Copeland on the chair! Killswitch takes his contract for the TNT Championship and goes to cash it in, but Christian Cage stands up and stops him. Christian asks Killswitch to give him the contract for the championship. Killswitch hesitates, but Christian talks to him and Killswitch gives the contract. Christian signs the contract and redeems it!

TNT Championship – No Disqualification Match

Christian Cage vs Adam Copeland (c)

The match begins, Christian Spears Copeland and covers him for the win.

Winner: Christian Cage

– We present a video about the Continental Classic tournament.

AEW Continental Classic Tournament – ​​Grand Finals

The winner will be ROH World Champion, NJPW Strong Openweight Champion and inaugural AEW Continental Champion.

Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston

At the end of the fight both are exhausted. Moxley slaps Kingston. The two wrestlers exchange blows, Kingston falls to the floor. Moxley tells Kingston to get up and slaps him. The two trade blows again, Kingston surprises him with a back fist and counts to three.

Winner: Eddie Kingston – New Champion

– After the fight, Kingston celebrates his victory with the new continental championship. Moxley stands up and congratulates him on his win.

– We present a rivalry video for the next game.

– The wrestlers arrive in the ring and MJF is joined by Adam Cole.

AEW World Championship – Singles Match

MJF (c) accompanied by Adam Cole against Samoa Joe

At the end of the fight, MJF manages to put Samoa Joe on his shoulders and give him a TKO! MJF covers him but the referee is stunned and takes time to count, Joe fights out at two. MJF asks Cole for his ring, but it takes him a while to give it to him. Joe takes the opportunity to apply a Coquina Clutch, MJF converts it to a quick count but Joe regains the submission. MJF fights back but falls to the floor, stunned. The referee checks to see if MJF can continue, but MJF's arm doesn't stay up after three lifts. The referee ends the fight.

Winner: Samoa Joe via submission – New champion

– After the fight, Joe celebrates his victory and leaves the ring, to the surprise of the fans. MJF cries in the ring, Adam Cole tries to swing with MJF. The crowd chants “Bullshit.” The Masked Devil Clan is coming to surround the ring! They enter the ring to attack MJF. They threaten to hit Cole with a chair, but the lights go out. The lights come on and Adam Cole stands in front of the devil's masked group! The wrestlers take off their masks and they are Roderick Strong, Wardlow, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. MJF is shocked and asks how dare Cole do this to him.

The wrestlers attack MJF! Wardlow bombs MJF. Adam Cole takes the devil mask out of his bag and puts it on MJF. The show ends with a celebration for Cole's clan.

Photo credit: AEW