After all Professor Girafales was married in the Chaves online

After all, Professor Girafales was married in the ‘Chaves’ online series

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There were rumors on the internet that the Professor Girafalesplayed by an actor Ruben AguirreHe cheated on his wife with Dona Florinda on the series Chaves. However, it was all just a misinterpretation.

The story broke over the internet after Roberto Bolaños’ son, Roberto Gómez Fernández, said the character forgot to take off his wedding ring during the scenes.

However, in an interview with Javier Alarcón’s YouTube channel, he pointed out that he was talking about the actor and not the character.

“Rubén Aguirre, who plays Professor Girafales, suddenly forgot to take off his wedding ring in several chapters. So the true story of Professor Girafales is that he was really married and wanted to put the horns on Dona Florinda,” he joked.

In fact, Roberto thought that in some scenes Rubén forgot to take off his wedding ring and for this reason he implied that he was married during his encounters with Dona Florinda, when in reality it was just a production error.

That said, Professor Girafales was not married and did not have an extramarital affair with Quico’s mother on the show. The Bolaños heir made a joke, citing the fact that Rubén Aguirre is married in real life.