Joel Legendres moving performance at the Zenith elicits huge reactions

Joël Legendre’s moving performance at the Zénith elicits huge reactions – Vedette Québec

Véronique Cloutier’s new music show Zénith has received very positive comments from the public since it first aired. In fact, viewers really appreciate these Thursday night meetings!

At the Zénith, stars of every generation compete against each other and perform great music classics from all walks of life.

Each week, four artists have to convince the different generations of the audience in order to choose them as winners, with the aim of seducing as many generations as possible with their song choices, their staging and their interpretation.

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The four artists performing live tonight are Maëva Grelet, Damien Robitaille, Kathleen Fortin and Joël Legendre.

All the performances were exceptional, but Joël Legendre’s seems to have had audiences reacting strongly.

The latter interpreted “Answer me” by Francis Cabrel, and Joël seemed very moved during his performance, with tears in his eyes. His performance was outstanding!

Here’s what some viewers thought:

“Touching. Really great number. »

“Wonderful Presentation Bravo”

he really deserved more .. congratulations very moving !!! »

” Very touching “

“For me, I thought you were excellent tonight. You earned in the best places. You moved me tonight I love you Joel Legendre. ❤️❤️”

The audience was clearly very touched by Joël’s performance! And we totally get it because it was great!

Congratulations to Joël and congratulations to all the stars who performed at the Zénith tonight!

To see, Joël Legendre had a great family outing with his kids. They went to the Illumi tourist attraction in Laval. The quartet looks so happy in the photo… Check out the family photo in the article below:

Joël Legendre shares a rare photo with his 3 kids and they’ve really grown up

Photo: Screenshot Zenith