After Fingers Go went viral, King Charles III "Hidden" Hands on official photo

posted on 10/03/2022 12:55 p.m

In the picture, one detail caught netizens' attention: the new king has both hands hidden  (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

In the picture, one detail caught netizens’ attention: the new king has both hands hidden (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

Buckingham Palace released this Sunday (2/10) the first official photograph of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla titles adopted after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In a posting on the British Royal Family’s official Instagram channel, Charles appears alongside his wife Camilla, son William and daughterinlaw Kate Middleton.

However, in the picture, one detail caught the attention of netizens: the new king has hidden both hands, the left one is embracing Camilla, and the right one is in his jacket pocket. He is the only one whose fingers are not in the photo, unlike Queen Consort, William and Kate.

The “swollen” fingers of Charles III. went viral shortly after the Queen’s death.

Put a picture of Charles’ hands on the money instead of his face

— pigeon fancier (@isabelzawtun) September 9, 2022

Netizens had hypothesized that after the comments about the condition, the king decided to hide his fingers.

“Charles has read the comments people have made about his hands,” wrote one Twitter user. “Charles saw you talking about his fingers and hid his hand,” joked another.

“Sausage Fingers” by King Charles III.

A New Zealand butcher made a “joke” on the company’s social media by placing the “King Charles Sausage Fingers” sign in front of one of the products. The butcher’s first post on social media was with a photo of Charles III, but then that post was deleted and another made just showing the sausages with the phrases “King Charles Sausage Fingers” and “Limited Product.”