Campaign report The actual poll is tomorrow says GND

Campaign report: “The actual poll is tomorrow,” says GND

MONTREAL | With a summary of his first election campaign as a prospective prime minister, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois showed that he had good hopes of growth in several counties on Monday evening. “The real election is tomorrow,” he said.

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“As long as the votes are not in the ballot box, a lot is possible. It will be very tight in several ridings,” predicted the Québec solidaire co-spokesman alongside fellow rider Manon Massé.

“From the beginning of the campaign, you’ve been told that everything is pre-decided, that everything is already decided. This is more wrong than ever. Tomorrow, speaking to Quebecers, your vote can make a difference. Go out and vote for your children, for your grandchildren. The best thing to do for the environment tomorrow is to vote for Québec solidaire,” he said.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said he was “calm” after campaigning that he was “happy” and “proud” of, identifying the controversy raised by his candidate Camille-Laurin, who was caught doing it , stealing a flyer from the PQ was the toughest moment of the past five weeks.

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“I won’t hide that it wasn’t my best day, it wasn’t my best afternoon of the season,” he admitted.

On the other hand, his meeting with “Mr. Lemay”, a voter of a certain age, who welcomed him to Longueuil to show his appreciation for the QS social project, was the moment when he most popular.

Manon Massé, who has also traveled across Quebec, particularly to meet young people, praised Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’ work.

The Solidarity candidate for Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques refused to confirm whether she would seek a new mandate as co-speaker when members of her party are called to decide next year. “I’m not there, 2023 is very far in my head,” she said.


On his last day of campaigning before the election, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois started his day distributing door hangers at the Verdun horse farm, accompanied by singer Émile Bilodeau, who came to help Québec Solidaire.

He then took part in a tour of the Jean Talon market with his mount Gouin. As he had been for a few days, he was again challenged by Quebecers with an immigrant background, who had come spontaneously to tell him about the damage caused by the statements made by the outgoing prime minister and his immigration minister.

“I have a message for all Quebecers who have been hurt by François Legault: I will fight for you, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s elections,” Mr Nadeau-Dubois promised on Sunday morning.

His caravan will have traveled a total of almost 10,000 km in the five weeks of the election campaign, 9283 km to be precise.

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