1708846947 After years Michelle Hunziker had to spit out the whole

After years, Michelle Hunziker had to spit out the whole truth: “He likes men” | He couldn't keep it inside

After many years, Michelle Hunziker wanted to tell the truth: “He likes men.”

The Swiss showgirl Freewheel like never before. His confession, extremely unexpected, surprised his fans, even those from the first hour. She did it after jealously guarding it in her heart for many years.“He likes men”those were essentially Her words.

It is clear that they have surprised everyone since then She is a very private person. Especially since it is really, really difficult Hear her talk about other people's feelings and tastes. Also because you know exactly how difficult and complex it is to accept the fact be in the crosshairs of gossip and the wildest chatter.

She, who has been there for a very long time one of the queens in this direction in our country. In fact, after completing his Marriage to Eros Ramazzotti in which she was born Aurora whom she recently made grandparents, has experienced not only various flirtations but also other love stories. She then married the charming one Tomaso Trussardi which made him the father of two little girls Sun and heavenly.

Michelle Hunziker spit out the truth after years: “He likes men”

Alsotheir idyll, after ten years. glad it's finished. She has now experienced a very intense relationship with the sensual doctor Giovanni Angiolini. A real Summer of Fire for her, but when the holidays were over, he was no longer in her life the slightest trace.

After a while as single, Michelle She is once again happily accompanied. His new love is Alessandro Carollo. The two of them are no longer hiding and she seems very calm. Now, however, his statement has shocked hearts and stunned most. Who did she mean by that? his private and unexpected confession?

Michelle tells the truth about himMichelle and Tommaso – Depositphotos –tendediviaggio.it

Tommaso Zorzi in conversation with the showgirl

The man in question is the influencer and presenter Tommaso ZorziWinner of Girlfriend VIPthis for many years, since school days, big friend of Aurora. Whatever Hunziker to learn that he is always interested in boys and not girls.

He confessed it the person who is directly interested during a nice double interview conducted at her company Aury with whom he began to associate again just as eagerly as in the past For a moment they had drifted slightly apart. Of course, “everything” is also out of great joy Michelle who loves a lot Thomas.

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