1664828882 Agatha Moreira Responds to Excessive Sex Criticism in Verdades Secretas

Agatha Moreira Responds to Excessive Sex Criticism in ‘Verdades Secretas 2’

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03.10.2022 12:32

Agatha MoreiraActress, spoke about the premiere of Secret Truths 2, this Tuesday (4), at Globo. In a TVonly version She rated the sex scenes, which are likely to suffer major cutsand which was publicly criticized on social networks.

“So we recorded a lot of stuff to make two versions. And we also knew that there would be cuts. I think we have some open television laws that are very relevant [sobre classificao indicativa] and we have to respect that. It’s not about whether the public likes it or not. right law. We have to obey the law,” explained Giovanna’s interpreter in an interview with Patrcia Kogut from the newspaper O Globo.

“You can’t please everyone. Some people will complain about certain things; others will speak of reasons. I’m not sure, but I think the novel should be a little shorter. This can be good to attract because the episodes will have more hooks, they will be more dynamic. I believe that no cut will affect the dramaturgy itself,” said Agatha Moreira.

Speaking about the excess sex scenes in Secret Truths 2, Agatha defended, “I don’t feel like I did anything for nothing. Every scene was included in my dramaturgy, in the character curve. like her, an intense, shocking character,” pointed out she, who lived in a love triangle with Camila Queiroz and Rmulo Estrela on the storyline.

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