Air conditioning in the car fines up to 444 euros

Air conditioning in the car, fines up to 444 euros: let’s see when you risk

You risk a fine of up to 444 eurosYou risk a fine of up to 444 euros hot recordfor many the only relief is the use of air conditioning, both in buildings and shops as well as in the car. In the latter case, however, enjoying the artificial refreshment could be expensive. That’s how the rules work about the use of air conditioning in the car and how to avoid hefty fines.

The rules for air conditioning in cars, as repeated by SkyTg24, are laid down in the Highway Code. In particular, Article 157 prescribes paragraph 7 It is strictly forbidden to leave the engine running while the vehicle is stationary or parked to leave the air conditioning running. The standard It can be used both in summer and in winter and at all breaks and stops, and obviously not valid when the vehicle is in motion. It therefore does not apply in cases of “stopping or interrupting the march”, necessary in queues and traffic or waiting at traffic lights.

The Highway Code also stipulates that offenders are subject to the administrative penalty of paying a sum between 223 and 444 euros. Whoever has to carry out the controls has already proven to be inflexible. A few years ago, a motorist from Como was fined a total of 218 euros by the local police for stopping at the side of the road while talking on the phone with the engine and air conditioning on. there Law on the air conditioning in the cars was introduced in 2007and changed three years later, with the declared goal of reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. In 2014 and then in April 2022, the Code was updated to reflect the level of fines.