Vittorio De Scalzi died farewell to the founder of the

Vittorio De Scalzi died, farewell to the founder of the New Trolls group. Renato Zero: “Leave a void”

The singer and musician has died Vittorio de Scalzi at 72 years. He founded the progressive rock group The New Trolls. The artist’s Facebook profile should be made known, which can be read in a post: “Vittorio De Scalzi has left us, he has reached his Aldebaran. Thank you all for the love you have shown him over the years. Keep singing “love this evening” at the top of your lungs… he’ll listen to you”.

“Genoa and all of Italy mourn Vittorio De Scalzi. Co-founder of the music group New Trolls and a musician and performer of the highest order. I’ve been here since 4:30 am today, breathing in absolute emptiness a deep and unbridgeable loss for me. What I will try to do for Vittorio – he writes Renato Zero on Facebook – is to do my best so they don’t forget his talent and loyalty to music and to those who loved him as much as I did! I ask you to pray for him”.
“Another great artist is leaving… Hi Vittorio say hello to the stars,” I write on Twitter nomads. “I’m very sorry, I remember composing a song for the band. A very nice, kind, loving person. The New Trolls have left their mark on Italian music, one of the best bands for their ability to make music. As far as I know, he was the true soul of the band,” he tells LaPresse. Mogul who wrote the song America ok for the New Trolls in 1983.

“I bought a little bike, a toy, I put it in my chest and took it off to give it to Vittorio De Scalzi, he laughed and I don’t know how he managed to keep singing.” This is what a post on the Facebook page of Ornella Vanoni, which posted a newspaper photo six days ago showing her in one of the moments of De Scali’s long artistic career. He had written songs for Ornella Vanoni De Scalzi. Less than a week ago, De Scalzi recalled friends of his artistic career on his Facebook page, posting and commenting on this “newspaper clipping that depicts me together with Don Lurio, with our great Sergio Bardotti and with Ornella Vanoni. It’s 1977, the year of touring and collaborating with Ornella for the double album Io Inside. me out Don Lurio was the choreographer of the theatrical tour”. And Vanoni, for his part, had commented: “Unforgettable tour! I have enjoyed a lot. A year long tour. How could you not have fun with a group like this. Has anyone seen it?? Where were you? Do you remember the theatre?”, and also tells the special anecdote about the little toy bike.

“Vittorio De Scalzi is gone. Constant presence in reviewing the author’s song and himself Tenco price. He was above all a friend of the club, a great great performer and a generous performer who devoted himself to his music whenever his talent was in demand. It’s not a coincidence. It is no coincidence – writes the Tenco Club board – that everyone loved Vittorio not only as a great musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer in business from the early 1960s to the present day”.

“Father restaurateur and pianist mother, who taught him to play at the age of 4. 1967 founder of the New Trolls, a quintessential Italian progressive band. Vittorio is the author of plays such as Visioni, Una mine and caress this evening – remembers Club Tenco retracing his career – He is constantly researching traditional Genoese music and writing dialectal songs that become part of the cultural heritage of his city of Genoa. With the participation of Fabrizio de Andre and the poet Riccardo Mannerini composes the songs for the concept album Senza tempo senza Bandiera. He is the author for great performers such as mineOrnella Vanoni, Anna Oxa. We also remember him for the fantastic “Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls” of which Vittorio created a beautiful live version. He has recorded dozens of records and played in hundreds of concerts. His collaborations – Fabrizio De André, Mina, Umberto Bindi, Ornella Vanoni and others – are very numerous to demonstrate his great versatility as a musician and his great human availability when it was still needed“. Club Tenco also remembers “among the many highlights of his career” “The Player Jones” on the album “Not to money, not to love, nor to heaven”, which he sang and played with Fabrizio De Andrè; ” We remember him as a collaborator and musician along with many other musicians and artists, always available, even on shifts when he was carrying his songs around. He’s gone and we think we miss you. May the earth be easy on you, Vittorio” Tomorrow, Monday, July 25, at 6:00 p.m., at the Club Tenco headquarters, Piazza Cesare Battisti in Sanremo, the secular funeral will take place.Anyone who wants to say goodbye can do so until 11:00 p.m.