Airline loses its four dogs one passenger devastated by grief

Airline loses its four dogs, one passenger devastated by grief: ‘let me see them’ The video boo

“Where are my dogs? I want to see my dogs, no way will they be missed.” So distraught, screaming, crying and throwing himself on the ground, the owner of four dogs lost by the airline they were traveling with. The scene that filmed by another passenger at Istanbul Airport was posted in a video on TikTok that went viral with over 2.3 million views. The reason is not difficult to imagine: there are many people who have identified with the pain of the man who calls his animals “my children” and suffers a veritable nervous breakdown in front of other travelers and the airport authorities.

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The nervous breakdown at the airport

Joao Paulo de Costa traveled from the Philippines to Switzerland with his wife and their four Papillon dogs. When the flight stopped in Istanbul, Turkey, the man wanted to control his dogs, which were in the hold. But airline officials couldn’t tell him where they were, so the man began yelling frantically, “Where are my dogs?! There are four dogs. I want to see my dogs! let me look at her! I’ll pay any amount.”

What happened to the dogs?

When de Costa became desperate, employees of the company called to inquire about the dogs until finally, after the police arrived, they were able to locate the dogs and show him to him. It was only when he arrived in Switzerland that the man realized that his moment of emotional breakdown had gone viral on social media and he took the opportunity to post the story of what had happened on his social networks, along with a call that pets should not be treated as mere luggage. “We can clearly see that my children have been abandoned. Our four-legged pets do not deserve this treatment. They cannot be treated as bags or objects,” he wrote on Instagram.

Last updated: Saturday 28 January 2023 10:10 am