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Miguelito Barraza: “I am not an educator for my son José María, there is a little angel who is not to blame” | EXCLUSIVE Trome

Comedian Miguelito Barraza points out that all humans make mistakes and hopes his son José María Barraza will make amends and be responsible because there is a creature involved. He also points out that he hasn’t seen him in two months and is unaware of his private life as he is a 40-year-old man.

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“The truth is I haven’t seen my son in two months and the last time he didn’t tell me he’s very frugal and involved in religion… he told me it was fine but he has not done it. Don’t tell me about intimate things. I’m not here to ask, ‘Who are you with? Who are you dating?” and things like that. Everyone lives their life, he’s almost forty,” said the comedian Miguelito Barraza.

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However, he points out that he is not his son’s tutor and hopes that he will make up for the mistakes made.

“He’s very intelligent, he’s aware of his actions, I love him very much but I’m not aware of all the things he’s doing. If you made a mistake I hope you make it up to me that you are responsible I am your father but I am not an ayayero. Also, a creature is involved and this little angel is not to blame. I hope to see him to be able to speak man to man,” added the prominent national comedian.

Another time, he pointed out that he didn’t understand why Magaly Medina He mentioned her name so many times on his show last Thursday; Well, beyond being the father of Jose MariaHe is an independent man.

“And it all bounces off me because Magaly Medina mentioned me several times on her show… what does she have to put into me. He’s my son, but he has to be responsible with his stuff,” he added.

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He concluded by saying that he is still recording the film with his compadre Melcochita and that he is very excited about the project, which will be released in a few months.

“Thank God I’m working and I have to focus on that. Nowadays I still film with my friend Melcochita and we had some cool scenes in the film, you will see us in our knickers. haha,” says Miguelito Barraza.

José María Barraza and his father, the

José María Barraza and his father, the “Chato” Barraza


A few days ago, comedian Miguelito Barraza reported that he too had been the victim of blackmailers who had asked him for a large sum of money so that he could work in peace. In addition, he says he is reinvigorated to record a new film with his compadre Paul Villanueva ‘Melcochita’.

“Last Friday I went to the show that Kike Suero was doing and I got a call from an unknown number and I froze when I heard they were asking me for money so I could work in peace. To be honest, I told him that it was impossible because I’m not a millionaire, because I work every day to live in peace and help my family,” he commented. Miguelito Barraza.

He also lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department, who informed him that the calls were coming from an inland prison.


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