Alessandro Baricco talks about Fazio39s illness I spent the summer

Alessandro Baricco talks about Fazio's illness: “I spent the summer in the hospital and thought: “I'll never get out of you .”

“How are you? For me it's complicated at the moment. Depends on where you look at it, let's say. In the end I think the most honest answer is “good”. I'm fine. Otherwise I wouldn't be here . Then I'm someone who spent the summer in a hospital, I was in San Raffaele, and when you spend a lot of time in the hospital you leave behind some beautiful parts of yourself, and when you go home healed or not healed, do you still have one It's a long way to recover little pieces and chunks And it just goes uphill I'm not saying you're a plant but… I remember having to brush my teeth and I was so weak that I couldn't brush my teeth, which is one of the easiest things you can do, and all I could do was hold the toothbrush still with my arm and then with my head, zam zam zam [muove la testa a destra e sinistra]. As I was doing that, I said, “Look at the body, where it takes you, the life, where it pushes you…” Then I thought, “Will I ever get out of all this?” I'm fine now Also back. No problem, I shave too. It's a long road that's not over yet, there's still a lot to recover from. I don't do pole vaulting. There is an unrelenting slowness, but it is slowness.” Says Alessandro Baricco, guest of Fabio Fazio on Che tempo, what does he do at Nine?