Alexandre Frota announces that he will open a news channel.webp

Alexandre Frota announces that he will open a news channel to compete with

With an extensive curriculum in television and outside of the medium since entering politics, Alexandre Frota revealed he has plans to start a news channel. Following in the footsteps of some businessmen who have invested in this media space, such as Rubens Menin, owner of CNN Brasil, the artist explained that there are many good people outside the market.

“A lot of good people in the market who got fired from Globo, CNN, Band in the last few days, I think they have a good way to go. We are thinking about launching a new news channel on cable TV with continuous transmission of content in various media formats,” Alexandre Frota stressed on social networks.

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Despite the promising idea, CNN Brasil proves that the investment is big and not that easy. Most recently, the news channel, founded in 2020, underwent a mass layoff in December that saw the company cut more than 140 employees. The channel had to reach an agreement with the Union of Journalists of São Paulo (SJSP) to pay compensation to those who were fired and to give priority to the reinstatement of these communicators in the market in similar roles to the ones they held. The idea of ​​the new executive president João Camargo is that the channel manages to get out of the red by March 2023.

For this reason, the program of Rubens Menin’s company has been drastically changed, with more space for the news of the moment, with the socalled hard news content. Video journalists fired from CNN Brasil include Monalisa Perrone, Gloria Vanique, Sidney Rezende, Kenzô Machida, Heloísa Vilela, Danúbia Braga, Alexandre Borges, Roberta Russo, Isabella Faria, Bruna Ostermann, Anthony Wells, Everton Souza, Bruna Carvalho. Gabrielle Ravasco and Rita Wu.