Fitzgibbon the favorite of Francois Legault

Fitzgibbon, the favorite of François Legault |

First of all, let me remind you that since the October 2018 elections I have supported the CAQ and François Legault, the politician who, even as a former PQ member, understood that this was the only way for French-speaking Quebecers to remain in power to retain the National Assembly should join his coalition Avenir Québec.

The multiplicity of current parties sharing the vote shows that without the CAQ, which joins a majority of Francophones, we would be doomed to live in opposition. My support of the CAQ is a sensible decision that has earned me some recriminations that hardly keep me from sleeping.

The Legault government, easily re-elected in October and gradually freed from pandemic constraints, is taking a direction that, under the leadership of superminister Pierre Fitzgibbon, is forcing us to question ourselves.

Especially since François Legault, friend and great admirer of his superminister, whom he defends tooth and nail, runs the risk of denying the energy to this offensive by businessmen, for whom there is only economic policy, where all the other ministers are pointing, including those responsible for Health, education, social affairs and culture are more or less silent.

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The resignation of Hydro-Québec’s CEO took everyone by surprise. In fact, she was “resigned” by the Minister for the Economy, who is unashamedly asserting his rights and priorities.

Before Christmas, Prime Minister Legault received Ms Brochu to discuss her future.

“I really liked Sophie […] a brilliant woman […] great communicator,” he later said.

It’s a bit short. One might imagine that he had already chosen the camp of his Superminister, who had not committed himself to ‘the love he had for this vivacious, very competent woman, loved by his Hydro staff. -Quebec”.

It is understandable that the current ministers in the Legault government are reluctant to comment on the powerful and admiring bond that links François Legault to his superminister.

  • Listen to Denise Bombardier, columnist for the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec, on Richard Martineau’s mic every Monday and Friday QUB radio :


However, the prime minister cannot deny that Quebec is collapsing in the wake of the pandemic. We are certainly not going to revolutionize the education system by prioritizing funding for hundreds of millions of Québec businesses and by opening Québec’s doors wide to hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year to re-teach the new generations to read and write properly who are To increase the quality of CEGEP and university requirements and to treat patients and medical staff according to more humane criteria.

The danger of the current CAQ, led by François Legault, obsessed with his minister with a seemingly limitless portfolio, is that he loses his instincts and political sensibilities that make him a moderate, humble politician who listens to the populace. .

Quebec is sick at heart. It is clear that economic obsession will not be enough to find our roots and preserve our language.

Our natural resources cannot be sold. René Lévesque taught us that our little people are like a big people. Quebec is not for sale to anyone who just wants to get rich.

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