America de Cali The President gives a forceful response to

América de Cali: The President gives a forceful response to the signing of Arturo Vidal in 2024

America de Cali The President gives a forceful response to

Is the novel over? The fate of Arturo Vidal In Cali America It has been defined for this year 2024. Marcela Gómez, president of Rojo, provided several important updates on the club's situation. Through a video shared on social networks, it is clearly clarified what will happen with the signing of the outstanding Chilean player and whether there is possible contact with him Ricardo Gareca will take over the technical management this year.

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Arturo Vidal: Will the Chilean play in América de Cali in 2024?

After constant rumors about the confirmation of a contract between the Chilean player and América de Cali, the Red Devils recently released a video in which their president informed about the club's decision in this case:

“Despite all the efforts that we, the institution and the sponsors have made,No agreement was reached con Arturo Vidal; therefore, We give up on proceeding with his signature“, explained Marcela Gómez.


The circumstances that led to the breakdown of negotiations have not been confirmed, but everything indicates that “King Arthur” intends to stay in his homeland to represent the team in which he grew up: Colo Colo.

The Chilean club became a direct competitor in the search for the signing, which had been underway ever since Colombia. For this reason, Vidal is rumored to have asked his agent to review the “Cacique” proposal before making a final decision; In this way, he rejected Red's offer.

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Ricardo Gareca in América de Cali: President confirms start of talks

However, according to statements from the same president, this was confirmed Cali America Goes with everything for return Ricardo Garecawho coached the Red Devils in 2005.

“We have decided to focus our efforts on our Plan A from a technical perspective. Ricardo Garecawith who We start conversations. “The 'Tigre' is an idol for the fans and we hope that he can continue to make history with these colors,” said Gómez.

Gareca is considered one of the most prominent icons in American history thanks to his outstanding achievements as a player in the 1980s. During his time with the club from 1985 to 1989, he won two Colombian championships and took part in three consecutive finals of the Copa Libertadores.