Flight delayed by 13 hours due to weather Angry passenger

Flight delayed by 13 hours due to weather: Angry passenger attacks pilot

Angry that his flight was delayed for 13 hours due to thick fog that reduced visibility in India, a passenger allegedly violently attacked the pilot of an IndiGo plane on Sunday.

“If you want to fly, fly the plane. Otherwise open the door,” the passenger, identified by India Today as Sahil Kataria, raged on Sunday in a clip about the incident, which had reached more than 4.6 million views on X by Tuesday.

The man reportedly lost his temper on Sunday when Anup Kumar, the pilot of the plane flying from Delhi to Goa, India, spoke up and announced that the flight's 13-hour delay was due to the thick fog This was reported by Jam Press according to the New York Post.

In the footage, the passenger can be seen walking directly towards the pilot before punching him in the face. Other passengers and flight crew members immediately intervened and placed themselves between the two men.

“What you did was wrong. “You can’t do this,” one employee exclaims before bursting into tears, American media report.

The angry passenger was escorted off the plane by armed guards who reportedly handcuffed him, while the man is reportedly the subject of a complaint from the pilot and the airline.

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“X is full of complaints against Indigo for not properly communicating delays and status to passengers […] On the other hand, no amount of frustration gives anyone the right to physically attack someone. “It’s criminal,” one of them said, according to the NY Post.