AMLO This morning May 12 2023 EL INFORMADOR

AMLO: This morning, May 12, 2023 EL INFORMADOR

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Find out more about the main topics of the Mexican President’s “Tomorrow” conference on May 12, 2023

Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorPresident of Mexico, holds his usual “morning” conference at the National Palace in Mexico City this Friday, May 12.

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John Kennedy “is profoundly ignorant”: Ebrard

05/12/2023 09:15

Marcelo Ebrard, Minister for External Relations (SRE), described: “Explanations unacceptable for Mexico” what Republican Senator John Neely Kennedy said yesterday.

“It is important to clarify and specify the political strategy of the Republican Party in the United States, especially its most radical wing, the Ultra, to take advantage of these circumstances and advance their strategy against Mexico, since it forms the basis of all these arguments.” Now we’ll see, it’s racism.

The President demands not to vote for Republican Senator John Kennedy

05/12/2023 09:00

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador In the United States they are called Mexicans, Latinos, and Hispanics not to vote for Republican Senator John Kennedy.

The Republican legislature declared, “Without the people of the United States, Mexico would be figuratively eating canned cat food and living in a tent in a backyard.”

After the end of Title 42, Ebrard reports calm in the migration stream

05/12/2023 08:40

Marcelo Ebrard, head of the Department of Foreign Affairs (SRE), assured that after the end of the so-called Title 42, the migration flow at the border with the United States will increase goes downThere are no confrontations or violent situations.

At today’s morning conference, and as part of the details of the report presented by the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) at the Security Cabinet meeting, it was reported that there was “calm and normality” in the border towns with no major flows observed.