Tax fraud Italian couple hid 15 million euros in the

Tax fraud: Italian couple hid 15 million euros in the garden

An Italian couple who buried €15m in the garden of their Brescia home have been sentenced to four years in prison for tax fraud. Both were indicted for tax fraud. The couple’s son and sister-in-law were also sentenced to three years and 10 months, Italian media reported.

Money hidden in the garden and basement

The case was discovered last year when a 42-year-old man from Brescia and his wife were arrested for being the heads of an organization that issued false invoices worth more than 500 million euros and taxes of around 93 million euros were due. have been withheld. . Money worth eight million euros was discovered on the couple’s property, which was buried in the garden. Another seven million euros were discovered in the basement.

The couple is in custody while their son is under house arrest. Further investigations are expected to clarify where the large sums of money came from.