Ana Hickmann39s ex sues international court for parental alienation Moderator39s

Ana Hickmann's ex sues international court for “parental alienation”; Moderator's defense denounces “attempts at intimidation

Separated since November last year, after an episode of assault and domestic violence, the legal battle between Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa continues. In the latest development of the case, the businessman filed a petition against the presenter with the IACHR (InterAmerican Court of Human Rights), claiming “parental alienation” of the excouple's nineyearold son, Alezinho. The information comes from Folha de S. Paulo.

Last week, Correa called for Ana's arrest, saying the “Hoje em Dia” host was preventing him from seeing his son. Hickmann's press office said the situation had already been resolved between lawyers on both sides. However, Correa's lawyer Ênio Martins Murad denies this.

The new representation was registered last week and confirmed yesterday (7), explained Murad. In the documents sent to F5, Alexandre's defense claims that the businessman was prevented from picking up his son by the presenter last Wednesday (3). Ana's justification would have been an alleged commitment from Alezinho.

The refusal would have violated a court decision that guaranteed Alexandre the right to stay with his son during the 2024 school holidays. “In the absence of proof of previously undertaken leisure commitments, the son will remain with him during the school holidays in January 2024.” the father between the 3rd and 10th, with pickup at 9 a.m. and return at 6 p.m., with the paternal grandparents responsible for the “We are responsible for collecting and returning the child to the parent’s home,” says the decision accompanying the IACHR action.

Ana Hickmann with her exhusband and son Alezinho, 9 years old (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The accusation also highlights that Hickmann “refused” to hand Alezinho over to his father on the grounds that the boy was going to the beach with his friends and that she was responsible for taking the child. That same day, Correa had only brief contact with the boy and went to dinner with him.

Finally, Correa's defense emphasized that Hickmann and his family were aware of the court decision because they were informed about it by the businessman's legal representative. However, they had proven to be “irreducible” with regard to Alezinho’s release. The Itu police station the city where the presenter lives with her son and where the domestic violence case was registered was informed of the noncompliance with the court decision, but did not take any action.

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Ana Hickmann speaks out

In the aftermath, Hickmann's defense commented on the action. Through her advice, the presenter emphasized that the dates of Alezinho's vacation with his father were changed by mutual agreement and with the consent of Correa's lawyers. The businessman's days with the boy begin this Tuesday (9).

Hickmann also pointed out that her exhusband acted in bad faith throughout the entire entanglement. “We deplore the manner in which the parent uses psychological abuse and emotional blackmail to gain his own benefits, disregarding the wellbeing of his son, who has shown sadness and discomfort in various situations,” it said in the message sent to F5.

Ana Hickmann, Alexandre Correa and the excouple's son, Alezinho. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

In another part of the note published by UOL, Hickmann also pointed out that the expartner “seeks to victimize himself” by insisting on the accusation of parental alienation. “This is a ceaseless attempt to intimidate and embarrass Ana Hickmann, cause procedural unrest and trivialize the physical and emotional violence inflicted since 11/11/2023.” This once again shows the malice and intent of Alexandre Correa to himself to bully and distract from his responsibilities as a father, partner and citizen,” he emphasized.

Ana's defense reiterated that Alexandre's meetings with the boy were “strictly” observed by his mother.

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