Here39s the hottest color of 2024 and it39s not gray

Here's the hottest color of 2024 (and it's not gray) – Le Journal de la Maison

The design world is constantly changing and trends evolve from year to year. While teal has been a flagship color for some time, especially in 2020, 2024 appears to mark the end of its reign. That's why we say goodbye to duck blue, the once fashionable color that is now giving way to new trends.

The most past color of 2024

Duck blue has long been valued for this sophisticated and timeless color, fits easily into different color palettes. With her depth Oscillating between the turquoise of the ocean water and the dark green of the forests, this color embodies the harmony between two different natural universes and gives it a special touch Touch of fantasy in modern spaces and at the same time awakens the spirit. However, this color has lost its shine and more daring and unexpected options await us in 2024!

These other colors existed in 2024

Duck blue isn't the only color available in 2024. Certain shades seem to be gradually disappearing from our interiors like mouse gray, powder pink or even patent red which will no longer find a place in the furnishing trends of 2023.

Decoration trend: which colors should you choose in 2024?

In 2024 warm tones like for example Chocolate brown, terracotta, taupe or even sage dominate the trendy color scene. However, the novelty also lies in the introduction bright colors that enliven our interior spaces, be it through compositions in color blocking or subtle, vibrant accents! Shades of extravagant red, orange and even purple are making a remarkable comeback and are taking inspiration from the movement Memphis to add a touch of boldness and vibrancy to our living spaces.