1664787727 And your country Legend of Germany wants Lionel Messi to

And your country? Legend of Germany wants Lionel Messi to bring the World Cup home

And your country Legend of Germany wants Lionel Messi to

It transcends borders. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is fading away and there are many expectations about what Lionel Messi can achieve with the Argentina team. Beyond the jersey, the world champions in Italy 1990 Jürgen Klinsmann surprises with his statements around the ’10’.

“I think everyone in football has one wish and that is for Messi with his incredible talent, with everything he’s done in his career, with his great representation of football, to win the World Cup like Diego did. Messi deserves it more than anyone. Messi should bring the World Cup to his home in Qatar,” he told La Nacion.

Led by Lionel Scaloni, the team famously boast an impressive 35-game unbeaten record and are the current champions of America. For the Germanic former top scorer, these aspects make Albiceleste the World Cup favorite.

Qatar 2022 could be Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. Photo: Twitter/@Ieomessiok

“Argentina waited a long time to win the Copa America and they finally did it. Now is his time for Qatar and I think the world knows it. If I look at all the qualifiers in South America and also in Europe, I have two favorite teams above all others and they are South Americans: Argentina and Brazil. You both look very strong. There are also European countries that look strong like Spain, France, Germany and England that can go far, but I also think it’s time for Messi,” he noted.

On the other hand, the former soccer player expressed his concern about the unusual date chosen to host the competition. “In the middle of the season of leagues that has to be put on hold. And how will these players, winners and losers, return to their clubs to finish the season? I imagine the World Cup to be difficult and very competitive,” he emphasized.