Andrea Maestrelli comments on Nicole Murgia quot She is a

Andrea Maestrelli comments on Nicole Murgia: " She is a born actress" Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Since joining Nicole She has proven to be a very open woman and is willing to get involved with anything.

Some Vipponi welcomed her into their circle, others preferred to keep her at a distance.

It is the case Dan, Antonella and Andrewwho detect ambiguous behavior in the girl. In particular, the model who had an affair with her knows well the strengths and weaknesses of the actress.

Antonella and Dana don’t trust her, which is why they decided not to make friends. The Moroccan model even says Nicole accused her of stealing her makeup and she thinks she was overdoing it when she reacted so badly nominations of the former footballer.

“She’s a born actress,” comments Andrea, certainly not referring to the woman’s artistic abilities.

The two VIPs are on the side of the boy: you can tell that he is nice, friendly, polite. They advise him to stop talking about Nicole so as not to stir up controversy.
“If you’re good, it shows, trust me,” says Antonella, encouraging him.

He remembers some moments from the past when Nicole lied to him and looked him in the eye. The girl is able to disguise and pass one thing off as another.
But Antonella calms him down: in the house all masks fall and everyone shows themselves as they really are.

After days of silence and peaceful coexistence, the two have finally started talking. Mutual grudges apparently have not passed and the premises are far from good!