Wokes the new hippies

“Wokes”: the new hippies

Social movements that transform the world as we know it never run smoothly. They encounter fierce resistance, especially from the powerful.

Those referred to as guards to disparage them are no exception. Certainly those who denounce them are those who feel most threatened in their achievements and their privileges.

The brutal awakening of a generation

“They rejected traditional values, the way of life of their parents’ generation and the consumer society. »

“Openness to other cultures, need for emancipation, search for new sensory perceptions and altered states of consciousness […] »

” […] They hoped to be able to live freely, in human relationships that they wanted to make more authentic. The movement broke with the norms of previous generations and had a major cultural impact, particularly in the musical sphere. The spread of some of the values ​​resulting from this current has accelerated the development of the mores of Western society as a whole. […] »

The wokes are well described here! But no, we’re talking about the hippies, that movement that changed the face of the world in the 1960s and 70s.

Just returning things

And who reacted most strongly to sexual liberation, long-haired men, feminist advances, pacifist demands and a return to hippie land?

Exactly the people who had gained wealth and power under the rules and regulations established at the time.

It is ironic to see many of the hippies of yesteryear taking consolation to caricature and denigrate those who are being labeled bright today as if it were heresy.

Of course, there are extremes in all social movements, but isn’t that the price to pay to upset the established order and propel our societies into a new era?

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