Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria were the only ones not

Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria were the only ones not present at Signorini’s birthday: no invitation

Obviously, a party like Signorini’s birthday can’t help but provide some drama or background knowledge for the stars. The king of gossip did not fail to live up to expectationsand even if he didn’t do anything special himself, Now the only talk is about his party. Why? It is not about dispute involved Oriana Marzoli and Elenoire Ferruzzi, who let the rags fly to decide which of the two could get a front row seat when the cake was cut, but of the inexplicable absence of two VIPs from the Gf family: Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria. The two made immediate progress an apologybut it seems that was the case built ad hoc to evade a much bigger fool. Let’s see which one.

The truth behind the couple’s absence from the party

Alfonso Signorini he turned 59 on April 7, but celebrated with a great party a little over a month later, ie This Thursday. The “Alfonso Signorini & Friends” event was held in Milan and they attended a variety of celebrities also very important, several of them from the world of Big Brother Vipas Incorvaia sistersGiulia Salemi with Pierpaolo Pretelli, Nikita Pelizon with Matteo DiamanteAttilio Romita, Valeria Marini, Giacomo Urtis, Patrizia Rossetti, Antonino Spinalbese, Luca Salatino, Marco Bellavia, Elenoire FerruzziDaniele Dal Moro Oriana Marzoli and many others. Those who missed out were Antonella and Edoardo, very strong faces and loved by the public of this edition of Gf Vip but still absent. Fiordelisi immediately stretched out her hands via social media: “Unfortunately, we won’t be there tonight.”. But we will recover as soon as we go to Milan. Thanks Alfonso, if you hadn’t chosen me for the program, Edoardo and I would never have met. We love you see you soon.” But the truth according to the best informed it would be another: Just no work commitments only one of the two would receive an invitation, the other not. In fact, that’s what gossip expert Amedeo Venza claims Donnamaria would have been undesirable at the conductor’s party, so he would not have received any invitations. Apparently His better half would have avoided supporting Donnamariawho tries to calm tempers with a thanksgiving story.