Artificial Intelligence MELS will automate the subtitling of certain content

Artificial Intelligence: MELS will automate the subtitling of certain content

MELS is moving towards artificial intelligence (AI) at a time when all major players in the audiovisual industry are using this new technology to remain competitive.

The TVA Group subsidiary will rely on AI to caption some of its customers' television content, including productions broadcast on TVA. The contribution of AI will initially only impact French-dubbed acquisition content in order to gradually implement AI.

This will allow the company to remain competitive and flexible to new realities and market demands, MELS management told the QMI agency after informing its employees of these changes.

Automating captioning activities through AI will result in significant time savings. For example, a project in which all stages could last eight hours could now only take four minutes under the new conditions.

No positions have currently been eliminated. The company will reevaluate its needs in the coming months based on the productivity gains achieved by AI.

“This decision is necessary given that MELS, a subsidiary of Groupe TVA, needs to find solutions to remain efficient in a highly competitive environment while reducing operating costs. With the aim of rationalizing costs, TVA Group will also entrust part of its video description activities to an external supplier,” explained MELS management.