GNT presenter is beaten in a robbery after his house

GNT presenter is beaten in a robbery after his house is raided

The station stated that “Lucas Corazza’s program is on hold.”

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247 Lucas Corazza, host of the reality show Que Seja Doce on GNT, said he was beaten during an invasion of his home. The chef's team has updated his health status. The reports were published this Thursday (15) in the Splash column.

“Guys, I'm stopping by to let you know that Lucas' schedule will be disrupted for hours (or days). He's fine! No worries. However, he has been through a situation of aggression (his house was raided by robbers) and is going to retire.” to recovery If anyone here received a message from him before we changed the password or receives something via WhatsApp, ignore it please. This is a scam. The robbers took his cell phone with all the data logged in,” the statement said.

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Hours later, Lucas posted a video thanking his fans for their love and struggled to speak. “Hello, I'll stop by and leave you a message to let you know I'm okay. (…) I had a really bad night. I was a victim of a robbery.”

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