As? Woman hospitalized after being bitten by a poisonous snake while sleeping

Photo: Disclosure/RACQ LifeFlight

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A 20yearold woman was hospitalized in a serious condition after she was bitten by one of the world's most venomous snakes while sleeping at her home in the Western Downs, Queensland, Australia, on Friday (12).

The young woman was bitten on one hand by a brown snake, considered the second deadliest snake in nature. According to Extra, she was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Toowoomba.

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Family members initially administered first aid before paramedics arrived. After receiving a dose of antivenom, the victim was taken to hospital by helicopter from RACQ LifeFlight, a Brisbanebased emergency services organization.

Despite the horror, the young woman managed to take a photo of the animal with its head sticking out of the blanket. According to 7News, the victim is in stable condition.

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Tim Hudson of Queenslandbased Hudson Snake Catching said bites from this snake were generally painless due to the animal's small fangs. “It's entirely possible for people to get stung and not realize it,” he said.

Man contracts leptospirosis after eating mango from the ground: 'Hands of God'

Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

A 53yearold man became ill with leptospirosis (an infectious disease caused by direct or indirect contact with the urine of animals infected with Leptospira bacteria, such as rats, mainly dogs and cats) after eating a mango that he had eaten found on the ground. The case was registered on December 7 in São Paulo.

Roberto Luis de Lima works as a truck driver and found the fruit on the side of the road. He ate the mango without cleaning it, and shortly afterwards the first symptoms of illness appeared.

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Initially, the man was diagnosed with dengue fever, but since the drugs intended to treat it had no effect, doctors began to suspect that it was so Leptospirosis.

Tests carried out at the hospital confirmed the suspicion and also showed that the truck driver had the most advanced form of the disease Weil syndrome.

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Roberto was in the hospital for almost 20 days, had kidney paralysis and had to undergo hemodialysis. He survived and told his story on social media.

“My guardian angels have sent me people of the highest competence and also with the hands of God to help me,” Roberto wrote in a publication.

Young people survive after a tree pierces a car windshield


The island K’gariin Australia, was hit by a strong storm last week that caused numerous trees to fall.

Four young people who were traveling were almost killed when one of these trees smashed through the windshield of their vehicle.

The four young people involved in the accident come from a local group of volunteers.

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In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, the organization's coordinator Andy Gourley said the driver of the vehicle “did not see the fallen tree” which led to the collision.

“She just dodged,” said Andy, “her instincts were absolutely brilliant.”

This is because part of the torso passed through the headrest of the driver's seat and ended up in the back seat of the car.

“They weren’t going very fast, they just couldn’t see the branch coming out because of all the trees.” [caídas] everywhere,” emphasized the coordinator.

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Fortunately, forest rangers working in the region acted quickly, removed the trunk with a tractor and sent the young women to a nearby town for medical examination.

Patient sues dentist for performing 32 procedures at once

Photo: Freepik/ArtPhoto_studio

A patient sued a dentist for performing 32 different procedures in a single session. She claimed to have passed 5 hours in the office until the specialist has completed the service.

Kathleen Wilson reported that although he chose standard root canal treatment, he had four similar procedures, 8 dental crowns and 20 fillings. The case occurred in June 2020 in Minnesota in the United States.

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According to the website Oddity Central, the dentist identified himself as Kevin Molldrem He allegedly used almost double the recommended dose of anesthetic to correct the patient's dental problems, leaving her disfigured and distressed.

To regain her original appearance, Kathleen said she underwent several cosmetic procedures and is demanding $50,000 in compensation for the extremely invasive surgery.

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Avrum Goldsteinanother dentist involved in the case, noted that Katie needed a slow, deliberate, caring and measured response.

“Trying to close all the gaps in a single consultation is not only the opposite of what has been suggested, but it is also impossible to do so effectively or constructively,” he explained.

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