Giorgio Locatelli King Charles39 incredible disagreement with him quotI took

Giorgio Locatelli, King Charles' incredible disagreement with him: "I took it badly" | The unpleasant gesture did not go unnoticed iFood

Giorgio Locatelli and the story of the disagreement with King Charles IIIGiorgio Locatelli Ifood

Giorgio Locatelli talks about King Charles III. and highlights a particular disappointment in him. What is it about?

For almost a month George Together with his colleagues and now brotherly friends, he is back on the right track Bruno Barbieri And Antonino Cannavacciuolo, they too are chefs and entrepreneurs just like him and excellent in the kitchen. That's why people who They have undoubtedly a lot in common and who have formed a deep friendship with the new edition of MasterChef Italy.

The cooking show is now more, and precisely for the reason just mentioned, namely that the three have become a few Friends in life tooso much that dating as well as cameras offhas taken on a completely different atmosphere than before be positively influenced They are also the competitors in the race.

In fact, it was created an atmosphere Very relaxed and in a way to kid And cozywhich is why the competitors themselves come first encouraged to give the best of yourselfwhile those who see it at home perceive it alternately, they follow with joy Also the program in its entirety, breathing in this pure climate Positivity.

To the delight of all viewers even now, since the broadcast It won't just be broadcast on Sky But loaded Mashed potatoes on all platforms Now connectedas well as on NOWand is therefore visible in plain text even to non-subscribers to the service. In short, now everyone knows you can see in peace.

Giorgio Locatelli and his famous Locanda

The chef, originally from Varese, has been living and working in London for several years after completing a very long training period, which he also spent in the kitchens of London savoyopened his Locanda Locatellilocated in the capital and created a true empire that it still manages today with great success.

In the past, his most prominent customers included none other than King Charles III, even before he was crowned. In fact, that was known the then prince was common, along with that Mrs. Camillaeat well two portions From Tortellini in brothwhenever that was Customer of George. What many people don't know is the displeasure the monarch caused them.

Giorgio Locatelli and the story of the disagreement with King Charles IIIGiorgio Locatelli Ifood

“I was disappointed,” Giorgio said of King Charles III

In truth, as many may have thought, among them are did not take place any direct disagreement And They never did that and then never disrespectful. However George He didn't hide that from him The customers were all the same. What he said above King Charles concerns the regular sending of a truffle to the court.

Since when Carlo Was crowned kingeven though it doesn't represent anyone Secret, it is known to be much less accessible than before. For what reason George And “felt bad“is, as he explained in an interview with Today, linked to the interruption of the tradition of sending a truffle to the court after the coronation. Which he plans to try again this year in the hope that the monarch Answer with a Thank you letteras was the case in the past.

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