Aston Martin is on the right track says Lance Stroll

Aston Martin is on the right track, says Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll is pleased with Aston Martin’s progress over the past Formula 1 season but believes there are some lingering weaknesses that still need to be addressed in order to achieve higher goals.

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That emerges from an interview with the Quebecer published on Monday with the motorsport site. The 24-year-old Quebecois is looking forward to his team’s steady progress in 2022 after a difficult start to the season at the dawn of a new regulatory era. Many developments have indeed made it possible to climb the ladder.

Limited to 20 points in 13 races before the summer break – none in the top three – the Silverstone-based team have accumulated 35 in the last nine. He eventually finished seventh among the constructors, a result that fell short of expectations.

But even if the good results were much more numerous at the end, there are still certain rounds that still give the stable a lot of headaches.

“We’ve become a lot more competitive as the season has progressed and put ourselves in a position to aim for points [troisième séance de qualification] During many races, Stroll analyzed. We were still a long way from that at the beginning of the year. In that respect it’s really positive. But there are still those relapses. For example, in Austin we were probably the fourth fastest team, but in Mexico a week later we were ninth or tenth. In Sao Paulo we were right in the middle again.

“I think the goal for the future must be to be competitive more often and on a variety of tracks: high efficiency, low downforce, high downforce. I think that’s the priority. But when I see where we were at the beginning of the year, I think we took a big step in the right direction.

Personally, Stroll finished 15th among drivers with 18 points. His teammate Sebastian Vettel amassed 37 and finished 12th. However, the four-time world champion has announced his retirement, meaning that Stroll will now work alongside Fernando Alonso.