Chinese New Year Tiger attacking rabbit video sparks outrage among

Chinese New Year: Tiger attacking rabbit video sparks outrage among netizens

On January 22nd we said goodbye to the Year of the Tiger and welcomed the Year of the Rabbit. And yes! It’s Chinese New Year and who says Chinese New Year means lots of videos of celebrations of the event.

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To mark the turn of the year, Shanxi Zoo in China held a ceremony to give a tiger to a rabbit for the new year of the Chinese calendar. That’s exactly what didn’t happen.

Instead, the young tiger attacked the rabbit right in the throat.

The video was immediately interrupted.

The video has been making waves for a few days and continues to provoke many comments.

From an internet user wondering, “How did anyone think that was a good idea!?” to another asking the primal question of knowledgeWho forgot to feed the baby?‘ reactions oscillate between outrage and laughter at the zoo’s decision, which many have dubbed ‘not very well thought out“.