At the end of e Paixao Antonio dies Find out

At the end of e Paixão, Antônio dies; Find out what happens to Irene TV

Since the recordings are kept confidential to avoid leaks, the end of the villains of Terra and Paixão is sealed, with tragedy and impunity. Unless the writers change their minds, Antônio (Tony Ramos) will die in the final chapter. Irene (Gloria Pires) will give everyone a banana and escape the police's clutches unscathed. She will leave the crime scene on the run.

The production did its utmost to ensure that the results of Friday's episode (19) surprise the audience. No details about the farmer's death have been leaked so far, but everything indicates that there will be emotional scenes with Caio (Cauã Reymond) and Aline (Barbara Reis).

In the plot summary, Walcyr Carrasco had planned a redemption for Antônio, with the right to ask for forgiveness from the good couple. However, the author has anticipated much of the events between the second and third months of exhibition of the series, between June and July. Afterwards, Thelma Guedes was invited to write the story with the novelist.

Antônio will organize an escape when he is taken from the police station to prison. The scenes will air on Thursday (18th) and Barão (Marcello Escorel) will set up the circus that will culminate in the death of the farmer.

Irene's result, in turn, will be broadcast in rehearsal this Wednesday (17). The public will see the woman have a glimpse of clarity as she is surrounded by police in the cheap hotel where she was staying. Unarmed, she is ultimately handed over to Danielzinho (Bryan Robert), who is said to have been kidnapped in Tuesday's episode (16). In the action, Irene runs into the hotel and sneaks into an alley until she magically disappears.

According to sources from TV news, Irene ends up going unpunished for all the crimes she committed. The villain has a more extensive past than his exhusband, as she killed her own son and committed another series of crimes to cover up her responsibility for Daniel's (Johnny Massaro) accident.

Antônio has attempted murder many times, but apart from the murders at the beginning of the series, he has never taken anyone's life again. At the beginning of Terra e Paixão, Ramiro (Amaury Lorenzo) kills three people at the farmer's behest: Aline's husband, a journalist and her brother.

If the villains are brought to trial and convicted, they each face more than 100 years in prison. If the soap opera actually showed every trial in detail, it would be necessary to extend Terra and Paixão for at least another week to remember everything they did against the law.

Terra e Paixão is set in the fictional town of Nova Primavera in Mato Grosso do Sul. The plot began in May 2023 and will air next Friday. Next up for Globo in prime time is the remake of Renascer (1993).

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