Portugal can grant automatic residency to Brazilians understand Note competitions

Attention, Brazilians! Portugal pays university graduates a benefit of 1,500 euros Edital Concursos Brasil

The Portuguese government pays a Annual salary up to 1,500 euros for residents who are finished Higher level courses from 2023. According to the law, graduates and masters will receive an annual award of 697 euros for each year of their degree (called licentiate in the country), in addition to 1,500 euros for each year of their master's studies.

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The text also states that students who completed their university studies before 2023 can also benefit from the measure. However, your degree must be less recent than the duration of your courses. In other words, if the person completed a twoyear master's degree a year ago, he or she is entitled to the benefit.

The payment is made for the same number of years as the study cycle. The transfers are made via bank transfer from the tax authority, without social security contributions and without filing with the IRS. According to the Portuguese government, the measure will cost public coffers 215 million euros in 2024.

Who is entitled to payment?

The new benefit will be paid to all taxpayers residing in Portugal, whether Portuguese or foreign, up to the age of 35. To be eligible, you must have earned a bachelor's degree (licensure) and/or a master's degree from a public or private institution of higher education in 2023 and beyond.

For foreigners, academic degrees acquired in other countries also count towards the benefit, provided they are recognized in Portugal. In addition, young people must have category A (dependent work) or category B (selfemployed) income.

The tax and contribution situation must be clarified before the Portuguese tax authorities and social security. To finally receive the amounts, the Portuguese Government recommends that those interested submit the application via an electronic form after the training.