Francesca Ferragni scored after Pandoro goal Answer from Chiara39s sister

Francesca Ferragni scored after Pandoro goal? Answer from Chiara's sister: “My professional activity continues peacefully”

The “Pandoro goal” that stunned Chiara Ferragni has had and will likely continue to have an inevitable impact on the career of Italy’s most famous influencer. But according to some rumors that have been doing the rounds in recent days, including that of her sister Francesca, unlike Chiara and her third sister Valentina, Francesca actually works as a dentist, away from the social spotlight. But not for gossip. Gabriele Parpiglia, broadcast on radio on Rtl 102.5, said: “He worked in a studio and it happens that the owner – there were previous disagreements… But the chaos associated with the Pandoro goal inevitably also affects everything connected to the Pandoro Gate.” Family – she was sent away for a month. She was suspended for a month. He's in the Maldives… He's not doing too badly. But I think she was fired and lost her job. Rumors that Francesca immediately denied in a story published on her Instagram profile: “Despite what has been said elsewhere, my professional activity as a dentist continues peacefully.” The waters in which the famous sister sails are less calm . Today, Friday January 12, Codacons will submit to the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office the most relevant reports from consumers complaining about the purchase of the now well-known Balocco-Pandoro “Pink Christmas”. Who is investigating the influencer and Alessandra Balocco, president of the confectionery company, for serious fraud. It is then up to the financial police to analyze the reports and collect any formal complaints from consumers.

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