Aurora Ramazzotti kisses and hugs with Goffredo Cerza The comments

Aurora Ramazzotti, kisses and hugs with Goffredo Cerza. The comments on the poison: “You will leave yourselves like Eros and M anyway .”

There is love between the new parents Aurora Ramazzotti And Godfrey Cerza. After the birth of the baby Caesar Augustus, the two are closer than ever. And Aurora is showing it publicly today with a social media post hugging and kissing her partner: “The only thing for me” writes in the caption. The daughter of Eros and his family celebrate the communion of his little sister Sole, who is now an aunt. And the photos show happiness and love.

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Crazy fans

The photo published by Aurora is echoed by Michelle herself, who posts a story on her profile by writing “Love is in the air,” referring to the strong bond between the two. Aurora’s post rains honeyed and supportive comments: “You are beautiful”, “Congratulations on the family you started!!”, “Protect your love”, “Wonderful”.

Comments on Poisons

But again, there’s no shortage of venomous comments from haters trying to belittle this bond. “As long as it lasts,” we read, and again there are those who use very strong words: “The odds of separating in a few years are the same for you: do you know your mother?” Do you know your father? How many marriages and relationships have they had? You have even less chance of being ugly. Your father has money and your mother was beautiful. You only have your father’s money.” No response at the moment from those directly involved, who will no doubt have better things to do, such as enjoying the family dinner while celebrating the sun.

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