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Boluarte the Peruvian government39s weakened strategy to weather the crisis

Boluarte, the Peruvian government's weakened strategy to weather the crisis


June 3, 2024 8:38 p.m

An alleged corruption scandal has deprived Peruvian President Dina Boluarte of her chief of staff and righthand man. But even without his strongest support, with the economy in the red and unfavorable polls, analysts believe it is unlikely that his turbulent tenure will not end in 2026.

Boluarte, whose popularity in polls does not exceed 10% and who does not have his own party in a Congress controlled by the right and the far right, counted on Alberto Otárola as a skillful political operator.

But above all as his squire in the face of investigations into the suppression of protests against his takeover of power in 2022, when, according to international human rights organizations, around fifty demonstrators died as a result of the use of state forces.

It was Otárola, as defense minister and later prime minister, who proposed the repressive strategy against leftwing groups that opposed the dismissal of Pedro Castillo, the arrested and prosecuted former president who unsuccessfully tried to dissolve parliament.

Boluarte, until then his discreet vice president, seized power in a country that had recently been marked by instability.

How is the government surviving the protests and scandal? Here are some keys:

1 May everything stay the same

Otárola, a 57yearold lawyer, was forced to leave the government after a scandal over the publication of audio recordings in which he referred to a woman under 30 as “love” and last year contracts with the state worth around US$69 Dollar received a thousand reais, in an alleged case of influence peddling that the now former prime minister denies.

In his place this Wednesday was the centerright lawyer Gustavo Adrianzén, Peru's former representative to the Organization of American States (OAS).

The president “got a prime minister very similar to Alberto Otárola. I assume that there will be no significant substantive changes,” analyst Augusto Alvarez Rodrich told AFP.

The fact that Adrianzén is the only new face in an 18member cabinet of ministers after the recent scandal “gives the impression that only the main character has been changed, so nothing changes.” And as was the case with Otárola, he will be the counterweight to the congressional benches,” he adds.

“May everything change so that everything stays the same,” summarizes Rodrich.

2 Coexistence and convenience

Therefore, with the arrival of Adrianzén, the president wants to avoid clashes with the legislature at all costs.

Since 2017, Peru has had six presidents, two of whom were removed from office by Congress; two who resigned before suffering the same fate; One who ended his short transition period of eight months and Boluarte who refused to resign or bring forward the elections despite bloody protests.

“It is very likely that Dina Boluarte will finish her term because the opposition on the street has no interest in removing her and because there is also no interest in Congress from the various left or right sides.” They all want to “Complete their legislative period in July 2026,” says analyst José Carlos Requena.

Until that date, all forces will try to maintain a tacit coalition government. In practice, Boluarte still has “the support of Congress and I don’t think the opposition will grow,” he concludes.

According to the analyst, “the big incentive for Congress not to move the waves is its own survival.” Dissolving the chamber in March 2024 and bringing forward elections in the event of a crisis or conflict is not a scenario supported by the majority of parliamentarians is desired, only a minority wants new elections.”

3 Human Rights and Economy

Boluarte's weak point remains his negative human rights record following the suppression of protests.

“The fall of Otárola may cause human rights organizations to intensify their criticism of the government, but I do not think they will be enough to threaten the continued existence of the regime,” says Requena.

On the other hand, the economy is also unlikely to fuel popular discontent, even though the country has been in recession since 2023.

Indicators for 2024 predict improvements and inflation is on track to remain in the expected annual range below 3.0%.

“The people of Peru will not mobilize for anything, they have lost confidence in the protests, the economy is improving in terms of investments and there will be improvements in the second half of the year,” says analyst Augusto Alvarez.

Although the Peruvian economy has moved from one crisis to the next, it has proven resilient with an informal share of 70%. Today, the Peruvian currency is practically the same price as before the scandal (1 dollar is worth 3.77 soles).

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At the Torino Film Festival the new director Giulio Base

At the Torino Film Festival, the new director Giulio Base presents the guidelines of “his” TFF

The 42nd edition of the Turin Festival, the first under the direction of the newly elected Giulio Base, will take place from November 22nd to 30th, 2024. Here are the new director's desired ideas and innovations for the TFF.

The location chosen for the presentation to the press new Turin Film Festivalwhat he will see Giulio base The director, who replaced outgoing director Steve Della Casa, expressed legitimate irony.
It was actually about that Villa Miania neoclassical structure on the summit of Monte Mario that the richest Romans rent for birthday parties, weddings and graduations, but which is also – and above all – widely known (including ad hoc coverage on Google Maps). Villa Serbelloni Mazzanti ViendalmareThe scene of some legendary and much-quoted scenes Second tragic Fantozzi: the one with Ivan the Terrible 32nd, the burning tomato, the Flic and Floc with the cardinal.
The one in which the accountant Ugo asks the director Conte Corrado Maria Lobbiam during the very elegant dinner: “How am I?” and he growls: “Bad of God!”.

Notwithstanding this indirect legacy, the General Staff of the Cinema Museum (the President Enzo Ghigo and the director Domenico De Gaetano) and the new director Giulio base they exhibited the guidelines of the 42nd edition of the TFF, a festival where – as De Gaetano himself pointed out – many directors have come and gone in recent years. Here's to the long season of Emmanuela Martini (including those of the directors-directors, from Moretti To Virzi go through Amelio) have actually followed those that are significantly less long-lived than Stefano Francia from Celle And Steve Della CasaBoth are only in office for two years.
Ghigo evoked the idea “A young festival for young people, cinephiles, that continues in the direction of bringing cinemas closer to as many viewers as possible”while De Gaetano emphasized that it is the director who, while respecting the identity of an event, “introduces his personality and his ideas”.
What are Giulio Base's ideas for the new TFF?
“The TFF must remain cinephile and authoritarian and consist of free-spirited, original, fresh, independent and biting films.”said Base. “The most important guideline is that of the origins of the festival, the spirit of the times: cinema is still young because film art is still young.”
Base “doesn’t want to turn everything upside down, but rather propose innovations and improvements.”
In indirect controversy with the radio openings of recent years, expects “charming openings, with the screening of a film of great appeal, perhaps as a world premiere, and in the presence of national and international cinema stars”.
The opening of TFF 42, which will take place on November 22nd, will take place at the Teatro Regio, known as the Salon of Turin Culture.

For Base, “the high quality of the films and their user-friendliness” will be fundamental and speaks of “a program that will be clear and flexible” and “a welcoming and carefree festival”.which will reduce the total number of titles from over 180 in recent years to a maximum of 120.
These 120 titles are divided into the different sections and thus streamlined by Base. There will be four competition stages: the classic Feature film competition from 16 films; The Documentary Film Competition which will include both national and international titles, again with 16 titles; A Short film competition from 24 titles; a section with a public award called “Zibaldone“with 24 titles, intended as a “free and heterogeneous space” for audiovisual media outside the format.
There will be sixteen titles out of competitionand twenty-four those of the announced Retrospective on Marlon Brandowhich comes in the 100th birthday year of the man who, as Base recalled, was “the man who changed acting forever from his first appearance on Broadway.”

Obviously convinced of his possibilities, Base emphasized that he wanted the films in the main competition to all be “world or international premieres”: an ambitious and perhaps not essential goal in a festival like the one in Turin that may be pursued with a certain elasticity. .
To support basic The selection will involve six consultants, all of whom the director wanted to be very young, between around twenty and thirty years old: Davide Abbatescianni, Martina Barone, Ludovico Cantisani, Elvira Del Guercio, Veronica Orciari and Davide Stanzione.

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Married at First Sight 2024 Sara Mesa reveals new details

Married at First Sight 2024: Sara Mesa reveals new details about Jack Dunkley's 'bottom grab' at the gym…as the supervillain tells his side of the story

Married at First Sight bride Sara Mesa has revealed new details about her co-star Jack Dunkley's “uncomfortable” butt grab at the gym.

The 29-year-old bride recently shocked her co-stars when she revealed the incident with 34-year-old Jack.

“Tim and I went to the spa and as I was walking away he kind of patted me on the butt, but I was like, 'Was that intentional?'” she said on the show.

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie “O” Show Thursday morning in a joint interview with the show's supervillain, Sara, 29, said she initially believed it was an accident.

She also claimed she told her husband Tim Calwell, 29, straight away.

Married at First Sight bride Sara Mesa has revealed new details about her co-star Jack Dunkley's

Married at First Sight bride Sara Mesa has revealed new details about her co-star Jack Dunkley's “uncomfortable” butt grab at the gym during a joint interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show

She said Tim didn't initially stand up for her, which led the bride to believe she couldn't openly address the incident.

“My husband didn't stand up for me the whole time, so I felt like I couldn't comment on any of it, so I didn't bring it up,” she told Jack as he sat across from her in the interview.

The incident allegedly occurred in a hallway at the MAFS contestants' accommodation, Sky Suites.

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie “O” Show Thursday morning in a joint interview with the show's supervillain, Sara, 29, said she initially thought it was an accident

Speaking to Chron Australia on Thursday, Jack explained his side of the story, claiming she merely touched Sara “on the back”.

He said the incident occurred while he was helping his co-star and fellow bride, Andrea, move some things into her apartment.

“I had just helped Andrea move about twelve potted plants into her room,” he explained.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Thursday, Jack explained his side of the story, claiming she merely touched Sara on the

Speaking to Chron Australia on Thursday, Jack explained his side of the story, claiming she merely touched Sara on the “cross”.

“I'm going back to my apartment.” I say “G'Day” to Tim, we do a buddy high five, and then of course Sarah was there.

“I kind of shuffled past Tim and Sarah, and I think I put my hand on her back when I said 'G'Day'… and apparently that's where she came from with the accusation.”

Sara told the radio hosts she was made aware that Jack had been walking around describing the bride as the “hottest woman on the show”.

Thanks to his controversial antics and comments, Jack has become this season's supervillain

Thanks to his controversial antics and comments, Jack has become this season's supervillain

Married at First Sight, Australia, Tim Calwell

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While on vacation in the USA Ana Maria Braga said

While on vacation in the USA, Ana Maria Braga said that the streets smelled of marijuana

with Estadão Conteúdo, From the Editori with Estadão Conteúdo, From the Editor

June 3, 2024 9:46 p.m

On vacation in the USA, Ana Maria Braga He used his time in New York to visit the Globo studios in the city. The presenter took part in GloboNews Mais in the afternoon of this Wednesday the 6th and talked about the use of marijuana in the country. “I traveled to the West Coast and then came to the East Coast, and the only persistent smell I detected from there to here was marijuana,” he said alongside the journalist Guga chakra.

There is no national regulation of marijuana use in the United States. Each state has a regulation that varies from punishment to legalization, with 23 of the 50 states deeming weed consumption, cultivation, and regulation of the trade legal.

“Here in New York I expected the smell of burnt chestnuts… (…) There are no sidewalks, no places, no shops, nothing. The shop door opens and the smell of marijuana comes in,” Ana Maria said. “Here you see more people smoking marijuana than cigarettes,” Guga commented.

“It is a smell that commands. Don't you feel a little dizzy?” she asked the Globo News commentator. “I don't do well with marijuana, I'm not a user, I smoked for many years,” the presenter added.

Ana Maria Braga speaks out of nowhere about marijuana on GloboNews.

— Sérgio Santos (@ZAMENZA) March 6, 2024

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1700392358 Hugo Pop Travel that distorts youth The press

Tough Monday, tough on morale

If you watch “5. Rank,” “Witches,” “Reasonable Doubt,” and “Alarms,” there is a good chance that a psychiatrist will diagnose you with adjustment disorder with anxiety-depressive mood.

Published at 7:30 p.m.


No light therapy lamp will free you from this fictional darkness. No pharmaceutical pill will fill your serotonin banks. You're wasting your breath. Farewell, joy of life and lightheartedness.

Do not get me wrong. Taken individually, these four Quebec series deliver by enveloping us in big, bloody drama. But taken together, it's a fatal sequence for morale.

I repeated the experience of watching four shows in a row this week and quickly reached my quota of survivalist terrorists in Prévost, in the Laurentians, and mafia traffickers of human organs on a farm in Montérégie.

Completely engrossed in Radio-Canada's “Reasonable Doubt” (we'll talk about its traumatic finale soon), I checked in with TVA Alerts, which recently concluded a particularly dark conspiracy, that of a 12-year-old teenager named Alice. Tanguay (Juliette Aubé was radicalized by her conspiratorial father-in-law Pat Lamarre (Pierre-Paul Alain) and then turned into a human bomb. With a dynamite belt and detonator, yes, ma'am.

Tough Monday tough on morale


Warnings recently concluded a particularly unclear conspiracy.

The SQ's Cerbère force laid sky and sewer pipes to locate Alice, who forced her grandmother Lucie (Marie-Chantal Perron) to compete in Mini-Miss pageants, a big reminder of JonBenét Ramsay here.

Alice was indoctrinated and trained to be a child martyr by former soldier Pat Lamarre. She spoke like the disciplines of Anatole Dufresne (Martin Drainville) in The Breakaway, who hated the manipulative government and the fucking pigs (read: the police).

The little mercenary Alice waited in an energy research center north of Montreal for the “Day of Light” when she was supposed to blow herself up. Hard, you say? Metal, yes.

Alice's rescue ended in a shootout, with Captain Stéphanie Duquette (Sophie Prégent) firing a bullet into the head in a heroic gesture to protect the sixth-grader. After a week in a coma, the future doesn't look particularly “wow” for our brave Captain Duquette, who has been a mainstay of the TVA soap opera since its launch in February 2021.

I'm all about the new investigation into the Cerberus unit with slightly less dark undertones. SQ investigators investigate to find out how a contestant on the popular reality show Love-moi, favorite influencer Justin Calixte (Samuel Gauthier), may have died live during prime time.

Vegan, sporty, positive and supposedly sober, the handsome Justin collapsed in the living room of the mansion, seized with cramps, as he prepared to win this fifth edition of Love-moi in front of his great rival, the beautician Corinne (Jeanne). Roux-Côté).

In a turn of events similar to the fiasco of the toxic amigos of Double Occupation, the producer of Love-moi, Virginie Dumontier (Elizabeth Duperré), vapes and condoms: the sponsors are fleeing, the social networks are on fire and it is still necessary to deliver despite the Death of the star participant a show for the station.

Opioids were found in Justin Calixte's vitamin bottle. And the list of suspects in this possible murder is not endless, because in the real TV adventure there are only four candidates left: the social work student Florence (Naïla Louidort), the nurse Louis (Patrick-Emmanuel Abellard), the ex-child actor Thomas ( Alexandre Bacon) and Corinne, the shady beautician on the run.

I want this Love Me story to never end, thank you. Apparently I would rather watch Love Me than Love Island.

On the witch side, the authors happily delve into the cauldron of traumas of the three half-sisters who grew up in the sect of the Kingdom of the Triple Goddess in Sainte-Piété. What seemed like an ordinary hippie commune becomes a museum of horror, complete with a sweat tent, torture chamber, and sterilization equipment worthy of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Medical aid in dying for the good Camil (Roger La Rue), anorexia of an 11-year-old child (poor Alistair!) and murder of a baby disguised as a missing person (the presenter Alain Leclerc will pay for it!), this is anything but that Festival of merriment in Sainte-Piété.

On the positive side, the strange postman Fred (Maxime Genois), who also works at night as a janitor at the hospital, has one more thing: he paints works of art, huge murals inspired by the collage technique. Some people have all the talents, that's unfair. The exciting pickleball matches between teenager Charlotte (Maé Jenkins) and her mysterious companion Christian (Thomas Vallières) continue, there is still hope.

There is also still hope for the leader Pascal Faubert (Antoine Durand) in 5e, who was almost beaten to death with brass knuckles by the Valmont Mafia.

In the episode broadcast on Monday evening, Pascal Faubert began to breathe on his own. Wonder ! We agree that the famous restaurant Le Tourneur would not have survived the death of its founder.

The death of Pascal Faubert would also have torpedoed the tantalizing connection between Fou de Food (or the Goulet farm?) and the multinational Fresh & Family, which occupies all of Marie-Louise's (Martine Francke) mental space.

Valmont survived the Russian underworld, the Italian mafia and serial killer Marc Trempe (Marc Béland), but Fresh & Family's withdrawal, oh no, that just wouldn't have caught on in the village. We're bringing the excitement where it comes from, friends. And we keep our morale high despite this gray Monday.

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A condominium association had to pay 22000 because of a

A condominium association had to pay $22,000 because of a hot water problem

A co-ownership association was recently ordered to pay more than $22,000 at the end of a legal battle led by two Montreal co-owners who had hot water problems at their previous residence for years before the problem was resolved.

In 2014, Erik Robitaille and Pierre Chatelain acquired shared ownership on the sixth floor of the then newly built real estate complex U31 in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie district. They lived peacefully in their home for three years until September 2017, when they noticed that they had to run the water for several minutes before it got hot. They then have to take lukewarm or even cold showers and also have difficulty washing their dishes, underlines a decision made on February 16 by Quebec Court Judge Catherine Pilon.

“The court would like to emphasize that there is nothing inappropriate, unlawful or extravagant [à] It is necessary to live in a place that is properly or efficiently supplied with hot water for the needs of daily life in both winter and summer,” explains the judge.

The co-owners therefore contacted their co-owners' association, which was responsible for managing the building. They initially informed them that this problem with the hot water supply was “normal in winter”. The co-owners then repeatedly requested the intervention of an expert who could find the cause of this problem with the hot water supply, but the union instead carried out some work in the couple's co-ownership, where in particular a plumber was sent. .

However, “none of these steps were successful, so the plaintiffs, through their lawyer, had to send a formal notice to the union on June 11, 2020, so that it appoints an expert to identify the person hired due to the low hot water supply.” ”takes the decision from Judge Pilon.

Design defects

Only after the co-owners had decided to take legal action did the co-ownership community finally use the services of an engineering firm. It was subsequently determined that the hot water supply problem was related to a design flaw in the common areas of the building. This problem was then resolved by the developer of the real estate project.

For their part, the co-owners, who sold their accommodation in April 2022, continued their lawsuit against the union, demanding compensation for the inconvenience they suffered during the years in which they had problems with hot water supply, as well as reimbursement of their legal costs Cost. In doing so, they relied on Article 1077 of the Civil Code of Quebec, which provides that the co-ownership syndicate “is responsible for damage caused to co-owners or third parties by reason of defects in design or construction or lack of maintenance of common areas, without prejudice to any rights of recourse.”

The Quebec court upheld a legal obligation that the union failed to comply with for several years. “It took almost four years and injunction proceedings before the union finally decided to appoint the right experts so that the problem could be identified and a solution found,” laments Judge Catherine Pilon, noting that the union “abused “acted by dragging things out.” without really taking the plaintiffs’ situation seriously.” Instead, the union should have hired an expert from the start who would have been able to find the cause of the hot water supply problem in this co-ownership association, the judge added in her eight-page decision.

“As the plaintiff Robitaille, himself a doctor, said in his statement, a diagnosis must be made before prescribing a remedy,” the judge added, according to which the co-ownership association had acted in “bad faith” in this file.

The Quebec court therefore awarded the co-owners $7,200 in compensation for the inconvenience they had experienced in their previous accommodation for several years. The court also granted the couple access to $15,280 in restitution to cover some of their legal fees for the years this legal saga dragged on.

An “extraordinary” decision

“It really shows the commitment of the co-ownership association to ensure that the rights of the co-owners are respected, including the right to full enjoyment,” notes the plaintiffs' lawyer, Philippe Gagnon-Marin, in an interview.

The latter also points out that it is “extraordinary” that the Quebec court allows the reimbursement of extrajudicial fees in cases of this type. He also points out that cases of co-owners claiming compensation for hot water problems are rare and more common in the rental market. The lawyer hopes that this decision will help raise awareness among co-ownership associations of the importance of complying with their legal obligations.

“The ruling could be a warning sign for unions that may not be sufficiently aware of their obligations,” believes Me Gagnon-Marin.

To watch in the video

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1709775387 Brazil39s indigenous leaders are asking President Pedro Sanchez to help

Brazil's indigenous leaders are asking President Pedro Sánchez to help protect their land and environment

Brazil39s indigenous leaders are asking President Pedro Sanchez to help

The indigenous people of Brazil are a small, extremely well-organized minority whose political weight far exceeds their demographic weight. Spanish President Pedro Sánchez visited the Memorial of Indigenous Peoples in Brasilia this Wednesday to learn first-hand about the wishes and demands of this group, which represents less than 1% of the population but plays a crucial role in protection and therefore the Containment of tropical forests plays a role in climate change. Sánchez has announced that the funding line for indigenous peoples developed by the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) will finance two projects in Brazil for the first time.

After a meeting and lunch with Lula, Sánchez visited the Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, to whom he stressed that the defense of democratic values ​​is one of the pillars of Parliament. Social progress. And he visited an exhibition about the damage caused in the attack on the three powers' headquarters in January. 2023.

The Indigenous Peoples Memorial welcomes visitors with a humble sign reminding them: “12,000 years on this earth.” The visit begins with an exhibition of. spectacular feather headgear that gives an impression of the rich diversity of this group.

The rise to power of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva just over a year ago marked the end of the dark Bolsonaro era for Brazil's indigenous population. The right-wing extremist president gave wings to the predators of the jungle, wanted to legalize the commercial exploitation of minerals from indigenous lands and fulfilled his promise not to demarcate a single inch of land. For this reason, Lula's victory was a balm for them. And he also had the gesture of creating a ministry for indigenous peoples and appointing an indigenous woman to head it, Sonia Guajajara. He placed another native, Joenia Wapichana, at Funai, the official foundation for the protection of the indigenous population. The incumbent president has also created six new reservations, far fewer than indigenous people demand.

That same afternoon, several of the President's interlocutors stressed the importance of the need for legal protection in the areas where indigenous people still live, in order to protect themselves from the constant attacks of all kinds of poachers and in view of the expansion of the agricultural sector. . One of them even went so far as to say that the main enemy of the indigenous population at the moment is Congress, where Bolsonaro's allies are in the majority.

They also emphasized their diversity. The 1.7 million indigenous people belong to 266 cities and speak 160 languages. They are currently defending their rights on board motorcycles with satellite phones or with legal arguments before the Supreme Court.

One of the projects that Spain will finance is called Morîîpe Upastakon Yamoinonpa (Taking Good Care of Our Land). It will support the Roraima State Indigenous Council, which brings together 465 communities across 10 million hectares. The idea is to strengthen their work as security forces for the indigenous population themselves, brigade members, etc. The other will fund FUNAI projects to train locals in the ecologically sustainable management of their own territories, based on the knowledge of their ancestors passed down from generation to generation.

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Discover which country the Asian ancestors of Nayib Bukele President

Discover which country the Asian ancestors of Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, come from

It is very likely that you have heard of Nayib Bukele more than once President of El Salvador, either for his celebrated method of fighting crime or for his controversial statements that have managed to roil the political echelon on more than one occasion. However, there are some lesser-known aspects of the popular presidentsuch as where its origins come from and how it managed to achieve the overwhelming popularity it enjoys today.

What is known about it? Bukele It revolves around his role as president of El Salvador, which, for better or worse, brought him a stunning re-election in the Central American country's recent elections. According to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE)In the presidential election on February 4, just a month into 2024, the president received more than 85% of the vote.

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Nayib Bukele, a Salvadoran of Asian descent

There are very few who know this information about the personal life of the Salvadoran president. Son of Armando Bukele KattanNayib was born on July 24, 1981 in El Salvador, a country where he had a prosperous childhood thanks to his ancestry. The president comes from a family of Palestinian immigrants who came to El Salvador at the beginning of the 20th century and managed to build a diverse business consortium of companies from different sectors.

Bukele is the son of a Muslim father originally from Bethlehem (West Bank) who spearheaded the construction of one of the first mosques in Latin America. Nayib Bukele pointed out more than once the influence his father had on him. Photo: El Pais.

The struggle of their Palestinian ancestors, who had to deal with prejudices and bureaucratic obstacles, allowed Nayib's generation in the Bukele family to achieve certain privileges, such as a family education Pan American Schoolan elite bilingual school “reserved for an upper socioeconomic segment,” as he described it Oscar PicardoBukele's primary school teacher, for whom International media BBC.

Although Nayib has now become the representative face of El Salvador, he has not hesitated to invoke it Palestine. This genuine love for his heritage would not be an act of populism since, according to Picardo, Nayib did not hesitate to point out his heritage whenever he could. “Every student wrote something in his yearbook that defined him, and he came up with (…) a sentence that more or less said: 'The blood of the student is like that of the martyr', a bit like: jihadist.”

1709775200 528 Discover which country the Asian ancestors of Nayib Bukele PresidentNayib Bukele's father is considered an important figure in El Salvador. Photo: Diario El Salvador.

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Christian origin who converted to Islam

Although Nayib Bukele's ancestors were Christianshis father Armando made the decision to bring about change and convert to Islam, which made him an important figure of this religion in El Salvador. Bukele Kattan He founded four mosques, including the first in the Central American country, and hosted the television show “Clarify concepts”.

Although Nayib often speaks about his father's influence on him, he affirms this is not a religious practitioner, although he believes in Jesus Christ and often resorts to the Bible in a country with many Catholic and Protestant believers. “I've said it before. I have accepted Christ into my heart. I believe that a person’s relationship with God should be personal because I believe religion distances us from God.”

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