Bad Bunny releases video for song I dont want to

Bad Bunny releases video for song “I don’t want to get Marriage” Rumba 100.3 iHeartRadio

Bad Bunny said goodbye to 2023 and welcomed the new year with the premiere of the video for “I Don’t Want to Get Married.”

This release came shortly after his highly publicized split from Kendall Jenner, which sparked rumors about whether the song could be a dig at the supermodel.

In the video clip, Cuban-American comedian Marcello Hernández has a surprise involvement by proposing to his girlfriend during the New Year's party, but is rejected. It also features footage from Bad Bunny's recent parade in Ciales, Puerto Rico, along with the participation of a Spider-Man with a Dominican accent.

The storyline reflects Bad Bunny's resistance to marriage, a theme that is prominent in the song, becoming a singles anthem reflecting the artist's current marital status.

Let's remember that the song is part of their album Nobody Knows What Is Going To Happening, released a few months earlier.